2016 APEX YACHTS  Tender 2437042
 2016 APEX YACHTS  Tender 2437063
 2016 APEX YACHTS  Tender 2437059
 2016 APEX YACHTS  Tender 2437043
 2016 APEX YACHTS  Tender 2437053
 2016 APEX YACHTS  Tender 2437045
 2016 APEX YACHTS  Tender 2437061
 2016 APEX YACHTS  Tender 2437058
 2016 APEX YACHTS  Tender 2437041
 2016 APEX YACHTS  Tender 2437039
 2016 APEX YACHTS  Tender 2437040
 2016 APEX YACHTS  Tender 2437038
 2016 APEX YACHTS  Tender 2437062
 2016 APEX YACHTS  Tender 2437052
 2016 APEX YACHTS  Tender 2437057
 2016 APEX YACHTS  Tender 2437054
 2016 APEX YACHTS  Tender 2437056
 2016 APEX YACHTS  Tender 2437036
 2016 APEX YACHTS  Tender 2437051
 2016 APEX YACHTS  Tender 2437035
 2016 APEX YACHTS  Tender 2437037
 2016 APEX YACHTS  Tender 2437050
 2016 APEX YACHTS  Tender 2437048
 2016 APEX YACHTS  Tender 2437049
 2016 APEX YACHTS  Tender 2437034
 2016 APEX YACHTS  Tender 2437047
 2016 APEX YACHTS  Tender 2437556
 2016 APEX YACHTS  Tender 2437555
 2016 APEX YACHTS  Tender 2437044
 2016 APEX YACHTS  Tender 2437060
 2016 APEX YACHTS  Tender 2437575
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18.13m (59' 6") 2016 APEX YACHTS

For Sale in


€1,000,000 EUR

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Daniel Liminovic
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Monaco, 98000

The Apex 60 is designed to offer the perfect combination of performance, stability, comfort and elegance.

The sleek and aggressively sporting exterior lines convey an understated aesthetic, while the fibreglass and composite hull, the reduced noise & vibration of the Volvo Penta IPS engines deliver the smoothest of rides.

Traditional teak decking accentuates the ultra-modern design of the furniture and fittings that follow the principles of both form and function.

The stern provides unobstructed access to the boat and a large sunbed covering storage boxes containing all the necessary switches, sockets and docking station.

A flexible dining and lounge area includes an adjustable height table and beautifully upholstered sofas with built-in storage. The multi-functional kitchenette can also be covered to provide extra seating for guests or a rest for the Captain while piloting the boat.

A comfortable walkaround with built-in carbon railings, provides safe movement at all times and easy access to the bow of the boat and its huge sunbed area for all-day lounging and enjoying the thrill of riding across the waves.

APEX 60 has been specifically designed to be a flexible day tender, equally equipped for a full day out exploring the coastline or a fun party boat.

Luxurious, functional and very stylish, are the words that best describe the interior of APEX 60.

Designed in collaboration with Munich based Egg and Dart Design Corporation, the interior design continues the sleek lines of the exterior whilst providing the finishing touch of comfort to fully express the unique character of the boat.

The interior includes walls made from the finest custom embroidered leathers and premium hi-tech fabrics for all the seating areas.

A specially made bronze metal paste finish for the furniture surfaces is a design highlight with matching fittings.

The gentle bronze and cream colours combine with a distinctive lighting concept to deliver a warm and elegant relaxation space.

A spacious layout of the interior comprises a generous and comfortable salon with fully equipped galley, guest toilet, plenty of storage and a beautifully appointed Owner’s cabin with flexible seating and sleeping area in a very private space.

The peak of style and functionality is the Owner’s bathroom, fit with a separate shower and all you need to get ready and step back on shore.

The APEX 60 it is at heart a high-performance craft with x3 Volvo Penta IPS (Inboard Propulsion System) engines delivering faster acceleration and higher speeds, up to a maximum of 41 knots.

The joystick controls and POD drive propulsion provide greater handling responsiveness and increased manoeuvrability to make docking easier and safer.

In addition, the engines offer significantly reduced fuel consumption while also improving the overall cruising range. Reduced noise and vibration coupled with exhaust gases directed out through the drive units underwater make for an overall superior experience.

The PLC (programmable logic controller) system by Allen-Bradley has a waterproof touchscreen interface installed in the wheelhouse. It allows for automatic and manual management of the electro-mechanical system as well as the physical parameters.


  • Fully automatic stern boarding passerelle / stepladder that can be inclined up to 45 degrees upwards and downwards
  • Removable carbon standing shower pole on deck with automated water connection
  • Kitchenette fully equipped with fridge, ice maker, teppanyaki hot plate, sink and ample storage
  • Separate hardware back-up for main system controls
  • 220v AC outlet
  • Hardtop with integrated photovoltaic panels for charging and maintenance of service batteries
  • Submarine anchor
  • Optional extra solar shade for rear sunbed

Vessel Name: LA NERA


Model Year: 2016

Year Built: 2016

Category: Tender

Country: Italy

MLS #: 252318

Heads: 2

Sleeps: 2

Staterooms: 1

Length: 18.13m (59' 6")

Beam: 4.97m (16' 4")

Cruise Speed: 30 Knots

Max Speed: 40 Knots

Displacement: 18 Tonne

Water Capacity: 500.00 L

Manufacturer: Volvo Penta

Model: Volvo Penta 600hp

Engine Hours: 500

Horsepower: 0

Manufacturer: Volvo Penta

Model: Volvo Penta 600hp

Engine Hours: 500

Horsepower: 0

Manufacturer: Volvo Penta

Model: Volvo Penta 600hp

Engine Hours: 500

Horsepower: 0