Sailing yachts vary in size and shape. Their beauty is boundless on the ocean and are eco-friendly because they are primarily powered by the sails. The main difference that can be found in-between sailing yachts are their sail configuration and whether they have a single hull(known as monohulls), or two to three hulls (which are sailing catamarans or trimarans). Read more...

Within the sailing yachts, that are monohulls,there are five distinct types: sloops, cutters, ketches, yawls, and schooners.A sloop is the most common sailing yacht of today.It includes one mast with two sails: the head sail and the mainsail. They operate the best when sailing windward. Cutters look very similar to sloops. They still only have one mast; but there is an additional sail in-between the head sail and the mainsail.The additional sail is helpful in stormy weather. A ketch sailing yacht has two masts, a larger mast that is forward and a smaller shorter mizzen mast is a ft in front of the rudder post.Owning a ketch is beneficial when on downwind courses. Yawls are almost identical to the traditional ketch. The mizzen mast is still aft but it is instead placed behind the rudder post.Finally, schooners can have more than two masts.  The foremost mast is shorter than the other mast(s).  The performance and sail flexibility is altered due to this change.

Why choose a sailing yacht over a motor yacht? Well, many would say the experience is what made the final decision for them.  The simplistic appeal of gliding through the ocean while listening to the quiet whip of the sails and the rippling of water cannot be replaced. It is for an owner who wants to have the opportunity to use their skills and knowledge of sailing to explore the ocean.

Sailing yachts also have a romantic and aesthetic appeal that should not be passed over.Their simplicity and beauty is combined to promote functionality and have open concepts which are ideal for owners with families or to share with close friends. Sailing yachts used to be devoid of the luxuries that motor yachts could provide, but with modern technology, sailing yachts have come a long way. Research now shows that they can be meant for either cruising or racing, and can be customized to the unique needs and wants of each owner. Sailing yachts can have any number of water toys and other additions to an owner’s hearts content.However, it is not about what a sailing yacht can give you, but what you choose to get out of them – this can be the experience of a lifetime.

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121' 11" (37.16m) JFA
$8,800,000 USD
79' (24.08m) HARTMAN YACHTS
3,975,000 € EUR
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Condition: New Type: Sail Category: Cruising Sailboat


63' (19.20m) Robertson & Caine
$620,000 USD
63' (19.20m) LITTLE HARBOR
$600,000 USD
Lagoon 620
62' (18.90m) LAGOON
1,450,000 € EUR
Dueno Del Mar
62' (18.90m) Custom Ketch
$799,000 USD
Spirit of Adventure
62' (18.90m) LAGOON
1,500,000 € EUR
OcY 62
62' (18.90m) BENETEAU
Call for Price
61' 11" (18.87m) NAUTOR'S SWAN
245,000 € EUR
61' 11" (18.86m) NAUTOR'S SWAN
3,300,000 € EUR
61' 11" (18.86m) NAUTOR'S SWAN
1,750,000 € EUR
60' 5" (18.41m) LITTLE HARBOR
$1,100,000 USD
60' 2" (18.34m) NAJAD
£395,000 GBP
Viejo Lobo III
60' (18.29m) CUSTOM BUILT
$390,000 USD
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