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Are you new to the yachting industry and looking for all yachts and boats for sale YATCO has available? Do you want to purchase a yacht but you are not sure how to start? Well first you could simply browse our whole boat database including all yacht types for sale. This way you will get an idea about what you like and what is in your area, what is popular and how pricing for different boats varies.

In our yacht sales MLS database you would find Motor Yachts, Sailing Yachts, Motor Sailors, Catamarans, Performance boats, Expedition or Explorer yachts, Commercial vessels and Tenders, pretty much everything you could find on the market today. Our YATCO members are trusted professionals who regularly update their yacht and boat listing information to provide the most accurate data to you – the consumer. YATCO promotes only Exclusive or the so called Central Listings. This policy let‘s you contact the official central yacht broker straight via the contact form next to each yacht for sale listing. The Central Agent is the professional who could give you the most up to date information about the boat listing you are interested in.

Even if you are not sure what type of yacht you are looking for, you could at least start with setting the length of the yacht you see yourself onboard in our search function. Setting up your boat budget would be ideal so you can get less results, but suitable ones for you. Our system makes thousands of boat listings visible to the consumer. This is why it is ideal if you set some limits when you do your search. The more filters you put the more precise your results would be and it would become easier to make your choice. Don‘t hesitate to contact the yacht brokers advertising the vessels, they would be happy to hear from you, help you and guide you in the process of finding the ideal yacht for you. Buying a yacht might sound a simple process but there are a lot of details which you might miss if you don‘t get advised by a professional.

When you do your first yacht search it is a good idea to also think of the hull material, where you would use your yacht, could you wait for a delivery or you want to get the boat immediately, how you want to use it, how many people you would have onboard, where you would keep it and many other questions which would either facilitate your search by narrowing it or make it harder to find a really special vessel if you have extreme requirements.

Most of the mid-sized vessels Yatco sells are made of fiberglass today, however steel, aluminium and carbon hulls are also very popular. Small portion of the yacht on the market are made of wood – classic and cheaper that the majority of all the yachts for sale. On the other side carbon yacht are the new trend and do cost more, also have some limitations on the size.

Think of where you would use the yacht you are planning to buy. Is it going to be in salty or sweet waters, rough or calm, lakes or oceans. This would define your hull shape for example, this is why it is important to think of this aspect.

There are probably tens and hundreds of yachts in your area which you could buy now but if there is a better deal on the other side of the world and it would take 4 to 6 weeks of wait to get it delivered, would you wait? Or maybe you want to buy a new yacht – depending on the size and brand it might take from a few months to a few years of waiting to get it delivered.

Answer yourself the questions who is going to use the boat – my family, my friends or I want to charter it and what you are going to use it for – pleasure, sport, business or maybe live onboard.

Think of where you would eventually keep your yacht, because that would also define your choice of length and hull material.

There are many points you need to go through before finding the most suitable vessel for you. However, with passion and precise search you could find the best piece for you.

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51.00m (167' 4") CUSTOM BUILT
€10,900,000 EUR
28.27m (92' 9") OVERMARINE - MANGUSTA
$1,550,000 USD
$839,000 USD
$1,049,000 USD
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Builder: Ocean Yachts


Miss Jeanne Sea
66' Ocean Yachts
$335,000 USD
66' Ocean Yachts
$485,000 USD
63' Ocean Yachts
$329,900 USD
Sea Dance
62' Ocean Yachts
$545,950 USD
Sea Dance
62' Ocean Yachts
$545,900 USD
58' Ocean Yachts
$295,000 USD
58' Ocean Yachts
$220,000 USD
No Name
57' Ocean Yachts
$449,000 USD
1999 Ocean Yachts SS
56' Ocean Yachts
$359,000 USD
56' Ocean Yachts
$400,000 USD
56' Ocean Yachts
$259,000 USD
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