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Nadia Bendedouch

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Nadia Bendedouch is a yacht broker in Monaco and your top source for local boats and Displacements.

Experienced, enthusiastic and always ready for the next challenge, Nadia is a broker with many strings to her bow and a broad scope of knowledge in yachting and international business. 


Nadia’s life story and career path are rich, colourful and full of character, just as one would expect from someone who brings a natural warmth and charm to every situation. Born and raised in North Africa and completing her studies in law and economics in Paris, Nadia was then stirred by the spirit of adventure onward to Spain where her first experience in the travel and tourism business began with the development of a tour company in the Balearic & Canary Islands.


Always open to the wind of opportunity Nadia was offered a position at the United Nations in Switzerland first in Bern and later Geneva, where she made connections with many different industries. From here a new opportunity arose to develop a new office for an independent yacht broker in the South of France, which saw her multitasking through PA, Crew Placement, Charter and Sales roles before finally settling in 2007 on a career as a yacht broker with multi-national brokerage company.


Specialising in yacht charter and sales, Nadia gives her attention to clients from all corners of the world with the support of the knowledgeable and dynamic TWW team.

Contact yacht broker Nadia Bendedouch, located in Monaco, for more information or to schedule a showing of one of the Displacements for sale represented by Nadia Bendedouch.

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Nadia Bendedouch
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