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As one of the oldest brands in the catamaran yacht market, World Cat Boats has been constructing power catamarans since 2002. Based in North Carolina, the company is the largest builder of such multihulled yachts and has a solid reputation for building center and dual consoles that are high-performing boats in any sea condition. Search for World Cat boats below by length, price, year, and more.

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World Cat Boats Models

Model Name Production Year LOA Beam Draft
266 SF; 270 TE 1998-2014 26' 6" (8.08m) 8' 6" (2.59m) 1' 3" (0.36m)
266-270 LC 1999-2005 26' 6" (8.08m) 8' 6" (2.59m) 1' 3" (0.36m)
266-270 Sport Cabin 1998-2008 26' 6" (8.08m) 8' 6" (2.59m) 1' 3" (0.36m)
270 Express Cabin 2003-2008 26' 6" (8.08m) 8' 6" (2.59m) 1' (0.3m)
280 CC-X 2018-2020 27' 6" (8.38m) 9' 3" (2.79m) 1' 4" (0.41m)
280 DC-X 2018-2020 27' 6" (8.38m) 9' 3" (2.79m) 1' 4" (0.41m)
290-295-296 Dual Console 2009-2020 29' 1" (8.86m) 9' 6" (2.9m) 1' 6" (0.43m)
320 Express Cabin 2006-2015 32' 3" (9.8m) 10' 6" (3.2m) 1' 6" (0.46m)
320-325 Center Console 2010-2020 32' 3" (9.8m) 10' 6" (3.2m) 1' 6" (0.46m)
320-325 Dual Console 2016-2020 32' 3" (9.8m) 10' 6" (3.2m) 1' 6" (0.46m)
330 TE 2003-2009 34' (10.36m) 10' 6" (3.2m) 1' 6" (0.46m)
400 DC-X Dual Console 2019-2020 39' 9" (12.09m) 12' 9" (3.86m) 2' 6" (0.74m)

Company History

World Cat Boats, one of the longest-standing brands in the multihull market, has been making outboard power catamarans in Tarboro, North Carolina, since 2002. Owned by HC Composites LLC, World Cat is now the world’s largest builder of power catamarans.

What makes World Cat such a force in the marketplace is its reputation for building solid center consoles, dual consoles, and family boats that perform well in all types of weather and waves – a reputation that rides on its superior hull design.

As the largest manufacturer of power catamarans around the globe, World Cat has greatly pleased over 80,000 customers around the world. These are not monohull boats, they are dual-hulled performance boats that can take you far offshore for saltwater fishing and are the best in their class. All World Cat vessels are built in the company’s 140,000 square foot shipyard in Tarboro, North Carolina. The company strongly agrees that a World Cat yacht beats a monohull boat “two to one”, because the narrower hulls of a World Cat cut through the water and eradicate pounding, slapping, and jarring better than a monohull boat could ever do. In almost any sea condition, a World Cat boat simply delivers a smoother more stable ride than a monohull boat of the same class and size. These dual-hulled performance boats are excellent for saltwater fishing, and can take you far, fast. 

World Cat Center Consoles

World Cat center console boats are superior to mono-hulled vessels in the same class, as we learned above. The center consoles by World Cat include the 400CC-X, the 325CC, the 295CC, the 280CC, and the 235CC. Below, we take a look at two of these center console yachts that can outperform many others in their class. 


The 400CC-X center console catamaran vessel is the sister flagship to the company’s 400DC-X dual console and is truly ground-breaking. The most stunning boat in its class, the 400CC-X is a game-changer, and offers luxurious elements, tons of storage, and unsurpassed performance. The 400CC-X has a length of 39’8”, a beam of 12’8”, and a draft of 21 feet; she also has a fuel capacity of 604 gallons and comes in at 14,500 pounds. She can take you day cruising with family as well as she can get you quickly offshore for some hardcore saltwater fishing. The 400CC-X can perform well with twin Yamaha 425 XTOs or with quad F300s.


This beautiful World Cat vessel, the 320CC, comes in at 32’2”, with a beam of 10’6” and is a flexible performance yacht that is just as comfortable taking out family for the day as it is flying offshore for some hard-core fishing. She blends vast deck spaces with all the fishing elements you need for that next great catch in a smooth, stable ride that gives you the ultimate boating experience. She features 12 gunwale-mounted rod holders that are located fore and aft, has over 1,300 quarts of insulated storage, offers a 45-gallon livewell with tackle station, has 105 square feet of space in the cockpit and offers seating for up to twelve guests. 


The dual console models from World Cat include the 400DC-X, 325DC, 296DC, 280DC-X, 255DC, and the 230DC. The 400DC-X is the newest flagship yacht that features over 200 square feet of usable deck space, has expansive bow seating, and is highly customizable. The 325DC is a spacious family yacht as well as a high-performance sport boat that was designed to be as stylish as she is rugged. 

The 296DC offers a smooth ride with a shallower draft; she was built for comfort, but offers speed as well. The new boat offers features like a lower profile hardtop and frame, better spacing on deck, aft-facing seats, a 25-gallon livewell, and a 125-quart fish box. She also offers conveniences such as USB outlets and lighting in the bow. The 280DC-X is World Cat’s latest offering, blends the ultimate smooth ride with flexibility that only this dual console version can offer. Subsequent to the design of the 280CC-X, this newer boat runs fast, and is ready to take your family on new adventures, as much as she is ready to take you fishing. The 255DC was designed with more space in the cockpit than its predecessor; it’s the most spacious mid-sized dual console out there, with seating for up to ten people. She has a shallow draft, and a stable and smooth ride that only World Cats can offer. Finally, the 230DC features a wide, 8’6’ beam and offers a drier more stable ride than others in her class. She features a full-sized head enclosure and seats up to ten guests. 


The 230SD was built for family and friends to enjoy the top performance and flexibility needed for the ultimate in day cruising, water sports, and entertainment. The 230SD is packed with features that are family-friendly, and the boat offers a smooth, gentle ride that everyone onboard will love. This spacious bowrider has the vastness of a pontoon boat blended with the World Cat proven hull form that can take on any sea conditions and deliver comfort.

Shipyard Stats

  • Size: 22 to 40 feet
  • Type: Center consoles, dual consoles, sundeck boats
  • Model: Center Console 235 CC, 260CC-X, 280CC-X, 295CC, 325CC, 400CC-X; Dual Console 230DC, 255DC, 280DC-X, 296DC, 325DC, 400DC-X; Sundeck 230SD.

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