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Tideline catamarans merge high-end offshore fishing capabilities with classic sportfishing boat aesthetics, offering both modern performance and timeless design in one vessel.

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Company History

Tideline Boat’s custom-built fishing catamarans are crafted to order, directly from the factory, with a lead time of approximately 12 months. These vessels seamlessly blend modern performance with classic aesthetics, ideal for tackling rough sea conditions off the North Carolina coast.

Constructed using a vacuum infusion process with top-quality materials, Tideline Boats are 100% composite, ensuring durability and seaworthiness. Experience unmatched comfort and performance firsthand – try a Tideline today!

Boat Models

Tideline 235 Hybrid

Tideline 235 Hybrid
Tideline 235 Hybrid

The Tideline 235 is a versatile hybrid, combining the agility of a bay boat with offshore capabilities unmatched in its class, featuring a shallow draft, silent movement, and exceptional stability both inshore and offshore.

Tideline 365 Offshore

Tideline 365 Offshore
Tideline 365 Offshore

Crafted by renowned naval architect Robert Ullberg, the Tideline 365 Offshore melds the elegance of custom-built sportfishing boats with the performance of top offshore catamarans, boasting superior sea worthiness and efficiency.


Edenton, NC