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Company History

President of Willis Marine, Mark Willis grew up on the water in Rhode Island, where he started saltwater fishing. Now based in Stuart, Florida, Willis has become a brilliant boat builder for the last 25 years. After earning his engineering degree, Willis went to Florida to become a professional fisherman where he worked on fishing charters. He had his captain’s license by the time he was 19, and was highly dedicated to his craft. Over the years, Willis had noticed a change in boat building technology, hence sparking his interest in building.

Now, Willis employs in-house naval architects and marine engineers who use the latest in 3D design technology and manufacturing. This allows future boat owners to visualize their high-performance sportfish yacht before it is built. A complete 3D assembly of the boat is created and then used to build actual machined parts through Willis Marine’s machining company, Markcam Inc. This process of computer design and CNC machining greatly reduces change orders, upsurges overall accuracy and reduces delays. Each boat is meticulously crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail. Willis personally attests to each build and overseas all aspects of process.

Shipyard Stats

  • Type: Hand-built high-performance sportfishing yachts

Early 1980s


Stuart, Florida