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Established in 2003 by boating industry veteran Bill Barry-Cotter in Australia, Maritimo is a builder of long-range luxury motor yachts, and is the country's most celebrated boat manufacturer. The company is the sole in the region to have a world championship race team building its boats and providing the highest level of technology to each build. Learn more about the company below, and search for Maritimo boats for sale by length, price, year, and more.

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Company History

Founded in Australia by Bill Barry-Cotter, Maritimo builds long-range luxury motor yachts. Cotter is Australia’s most awarded boat builder, who led the way in engineering excellence, top build quality and innovative design.

Designed and built on the Gold Coast in Australia, Maritimo motor yachts are unmatched in terms of technology, design details, and superior quality. Created with the best in fit and finish, Maritimo boats are designed and built for long range and to withstand seas of any condition.

With a history in offshore racing, the company is the only one to have an in-house world championship race team that provides top technology into each motor yacht. The company produces its M-series of Flybridge motor yachts, the S-series of Sedan motor yachts, its X-series of sport coupe motor yachts, as well as its Offshore series of sportfish yachts and luxury motor yachts.

Shipyard Stats

  • Founder: Bill Barry-Cotter
  • Size: 50 to 70 feet
  • Type: Motor yachts
  • Model: M-Series Flybridge Motor Yachts, S-Series Sedan Motor Yachts, X-Series Sport Coupe Motor Yachts, Offshore Series of Sportfish Yachts and Luxury Motor Yachts





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