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Established the Rod and Bon Johnstone in Rhode Island in 1977, J Boats is a manufacturer of recreational offshore keel boats. Built for high-performance racing, these boats are constructed of fiberglass and are lightweight to offer less drag when racing. Search below for J Boats for sale by length, price, year, and more.

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Company History

Founded in 1977 by brothers Rod and Bob Johnstone, and based in Rhode Island, J Boats builds highly popular recreational offshore keelboats, the J24 being the most notable with over 5,400 currently cruising the waters worldwide.

While Rod was the designer of the first boat, his brother was the financial and marketing arm of the company, forming an ideal partnership that endures to this day.

Comfortable for families yet built for high-performance racing, J Boats are lightweight fiberglass sailboats that have thrived in popularity since the company launched.

Shipyard Stats

  • Founders: Rod and Bob Johnstone
  • Size: 22.75 to 45.6 ft (6.9 to 13.9 m)
  • Type: Sailboats
  • Model: J Boats J/70, J/80, J/88, J/9, J/99, J/111, J/112E, J/121, and J/45

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