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Formula Boats History

Formula Boats is an American builder of powerboats, express cruisers, and high-performance yachts. The boat builder was founded in Miami in 1962 by Don Aronow and became widely known after the launch of their first successful model, the 233 Deep-V hull. Today, Formula is owned and operated by Thunderbird Products, a manufacturer of copper vents and drains. The company’s facilities are located in Decatur, Indiana, where a team of experienced boat builders manufactures 22 models.

Formula Boats are sold worldwide to boat owners looking for 24 to 40-feet cruisers, 24 to 35-feet bowriders, 29 to 38-feet Go-fast boats, or a 45-foot yacht, built by boating experts with a modern design and the latest technology. Find Formula Boats for sale on the most accurate boats for sale database of new yachts and used yachts for sale for the East Coast of the USA.

Decatur, Indiana

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Formula Boats Models

Model Name Production Year LOA Beam Draft
26 PC 1988-1992 26ft 8.5ft 2.91ft
260 Sun Sport 1999-2009 26ft 8.5ft 2.33ft
27 PC 1994-2015 28.16ft 8.08ft 3ft
270 Bowrider 2009-2020 27ft 8.5ft 4ft
28 PC 1985-1987 28ft 10ft 2.83ft
280 Bowrider 1998-2008 29.5ft 9.16ft 3ft
280 Sun Sport 1994-2008 29.5ft 9.16ft 3ft
29 PC 1988-1992 29ft 10.58ft 2.5ft
290 Bowrider 2011-2020 29ft 9ft 4ft
31 PC 2005-2020 33.08ft 11ft 3.33ft
31 PC 1993-2004 31ft 11ft 3.16ft
31 SC Express 1981-1985 31.33ft 12ft 2.5ft
310 Bowrider 2008-2020 31ft 9.5ft 3ft
310 Sun Sport 2007-2020 31ft 9.5ft 3ft
330 Crossover Bowride 2015-2020 33ft 10.25ft 3.41ft
330 Sun Sport 1996-2006 33ft 10.16ft 2.91ft
34 PC 2004-2013 35.58ft 11.5ft 3ft
34 PC 1991-2002 34ft 10ft 2.5ft
35 PC 1986-1989 35ft 10ft 2.33ft
350 Crossover Bowride 2013-2020 35ft 10.75ft 3.25ft
350 Sun Sport 2008-2020 35ft 10.75ft 3.25ft
36 PC 1990-1995 36ft 13.25ft 2.33ft
37 PC 2000-2020 38.41ft 11.91ft 2.5ft
370 Super Sport 2001-2017 38.5ft 10.5ft 3ft
380 Super Sport Crossover 2019-2020 38ft 11.5ft 4.08ft
40 PC 2001-2020 42.58ft 12.66ft 2.91ft
400 Super Sport 1999-2020 41.5ft 11ft 3ft
400 Super Sport Crossover 2019-2020 40ft 12ft 4ft
41 PC 1996-2004 41ft 13.5ft 2.75ft
430 Super Sport Crossover 2017-2020 43ft 12ft 4.25ft
45 Yacht 2007-2020 48.16ft 13.91ft 3.41ft
48 Yacht 2004-2007 51ft 14ft 3.66ft

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