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Donzi Yachts History

Founded in 1964 by Don Aronow, Walt Walters and Jim Wynne, Donzi Yachts are builders of fast, high-performance sportfishing boats. The company debuted by first launching its small, 16ft V-hull racer called the “Sweet 16” by Donzi fans. The extremely trendy boat was even owned by President Lyndon B. Johnson, just to demonstrate its popularity. Thanks to their high maneuverability and exceptional speed, Donzi boats continued to grow and become more and more prolific on the boating scene. Although the company had changed hands a few times, their reputation certainly remained as is, and governments including United States used these fast boats to catch drug runners. In 1988, Bob Roscioli took ownership of the company and shifted production to the Roscioli Yachting Center in Fort Lauderdale. Under this new ownership, the company has been able to expand further to include center console boats, performance boats, runabouts and sports cruisers. Scroll down to search our yachts for sale database for all sportfishing, center console, performance, runabouts and sports cruisers listed for Donzi Yachts today!

Bradenton, Florida
Cored Fiberglass

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Donzi Yachts Models

Model Name Production Year LOA Beam Draft
29 ZF Open & Cuddy 2001-2009 28' 7" (8.71m) 9' (2.74m) 3' 1" (0.94m)
30 ZF Cuddy 1998-2000 29' 9" (9.04m) 8' 6" (2.59m) 1' 9" (0.53m)
32 ZF Open 2000-2008 32' 1" (9.78m) 9' 3" (2.79m) 2' 4" (0.71m)
35 ZF Open 1999-2012 33' 4" (10.16m) 9' 3" (2.79m) 2' 6" (0.76m)
38 ZFX Open 2006-2012 38' 6" (11.73m) 9' 6" (2.87m) 2' (0.61m)
38 ZSF 2004-2012 38' 6" (11.73m) 10' 6" (3.2m) 2' (0.61m)
39 ZSC 2001-2005 39' 10" (12.14m) 12' 3" (3.71m) 3' 3" (0.99m)
54 Convertible 1989-1995 54' (16.46m) 17' 4" (5.28m) 4' 4" (1.32m)

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