Azimut Takes Seadeck 6 on “Mooring by the Med” Tour

Azimut takes sustainable yachting on tour with Seadeck 6 “Mooring by the Med.” Beginning on June 15, Seadeck 6 will cruise the Mediterranean.

Azimut Yachts has recently announced the “Mooring by the Med” tour featuring the Seadeck 6 motor yacht. After their success displaying the yacht as an artistic installation for Mooring by the Moon at Milan Design Week 2024, the company will take the vessel on a traveling exhibition. Beginning on June 15 in Cervia, Italy, Seadeck 6 will cruise the Mediterranean throughout the summer. 

Mooring by the Moon Installation Behind the Scenes

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Described as “the most innovative and sustainable yacht ever built by Azimut,” the Seadeck 6 will continue to wow viewers on this voyage. The 3-month cruise will culminate at the Cannes Yachting Festival, September 10-15, 2024.

Azimut is no stranger to making a show-stopping presentation at Cannes. In 2022, Azimut Yachts debuted two new models at the festival, 36m and 24m motor yacht from the Grande motor yacht line. The Grande 30m and Seadeck 9 premieres took place at the 2023 festival, in addition to the unveiling of Magellano 60 and Verve 48.

Mooring by the Moon Installation Engineering

While only limited details have been released, Azimut Yachts stated Seadeck 6’s journey through the Mediterranean “will be documented through a virtual logbook revealing the main travel data, including consumption and CO2 emissions, as well as an inspiring program of exclusive activities and events.” 

Seadeck 6, seen at the 2024 Venice Boat Show, is the first model of Azimut’s Seadeck Series. This series of sustainably designed low emission vessels are the first of their kind, capable of reducing CO2 emissions by up to 40% because of Azimut’s technological innovations.

In a press release, Azimut said, “Through a holistic approach, yachting has finally found a harmonious balance with the marine environment.” 

Yacht enthusiasts can follow the Seadeck 6 “Mooring by the Med” tour on a dedicated Azimut webpage in addition to YATCO news updates. 

Mooring by the Moon Gala at Milan Design Week

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