Yacht Charter Adriatic Sea: Culture, History, Beautiful Scenery

A yacht charter in the Adriatic Sea is bursting with culture, history and stunning scenery. Located to the east of Italy and the west of Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Albania, this region is abuzz with regal superyachts intent on a picturesque yacht charter.

The Adriatic Sea boasts over 1,300 islands, all mainly found dotted off the coast of Croatia making it an ideal island-hopping destination. More than 3.5 million people, mainly in the four largest cities of Bari, Venice, Trieste and Split populate the shores of the Adriatic.

A yacht charter in the Adriatic Sea offers some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe mixed with age-old cities full of medieval charms. One of the most popular locales is the island of Hvar, in Croatia, also known as The Queen of the Dalmatian Islands. Here, you can experience the most serene of anchorages, or party the night through in Hvar Town at one of the many bars and nightclubs.

Destinations – Adriatic Sea

Yacht Charter Croatia

40.6333° N, 14.6029° E

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Yacht Charter Montenegro

40.6333° N, 14.6029° E

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