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Company History

Founded by Massimigliano Zilioli in 2015 when he took over an existing shipyard, Terranova Yachts are built in Italy. Zilioli grew up with a great passion for the sea and sailing, and this translated into adulthood when he established his own shipyard.

The yard is located in Pisa Navicelli, an area that is abundant with talented technically skilled workers and maritime culture. The shipyard can accommodate up to three yachts ranging in size from 68 and 115 feet, and also does refit work. Terranova Yachts include the T88 Ares, the T90, TM90, the T100, the T108, as well as the F92 Custom and the F100 Custom.

Shipyard Stats

  • Founder: Massimigliano Zilioli
  • Size: 68 to 115 feet
  • Type: Sailing yachts
  • Model: Terranova 90, TM90, T90, T100, T108, and F92.



Pisa Navicelli, Italy


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