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Mangusta Yachts was founded in 1985 by the Balducci family. The celebrated shipyard is known for building fast, open superyachts that are highly popular and built with Italian flair and style. Over the following three decades, the shipyard has built over 300 Mangusta yachts, many of which are over 100 feet. The company is still family owned and operated and is highly successful in yacht building under the Overmarine Group. Search Mangusta yachts for sale below by length, price, year, and more.

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Mangusta Yachts Models

Model Name Production Year LOA Beam Draft
MANGUSTA GRANSPORT 33 - MYSTERE 2022 33.3m (109' 4") 0' (0m) 0' (0m)
MANGUSTA OCEANO 50 2021 165' (50.29m) 0' (0m) 0' (0m)

Company History

Giuseppe Balducci who began his nautical career in a shipyard in Viareggio founded Overmarine Group in 1985. Since then, the Balducci family has created a brand recognized for speed, state-of-the-art technology and sleek design.

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His primary competitor was Tecnomarine, the builder of the Cobra – a line of the fastest, open sailing yachts on the market at the time. Setting his sights on overtaking the Cobra, Balducci named his line of sailing yachts Mangusta, which is Italian for mongoose – the one animal fast and agile enough to overpower a cobra.

Over the next 35 years, the company manufactured more than 300 Mangusta yachts, of which 110 are more than 100 feet. Still family-owned and -operated, Giuseppe and his children manage the production of Mangusta yachts at their three shipyards in Tuscany. The lines of Mangusta yachts for sale – Oceano, GranSport and Maxi Open – range in length from 108 feet to 215 feet. Headquartered in Viareggio, Overmarine Group has offices in Italy, France and Miami Beach, Florida, USA.

By the 1990s, Balducci had accomplished the impossible. He built the first 80-foot open yacht whose size didn’t impede its speed. The streamlined Mangusta 80 motor yacht was sporty, comfortable, and above all, fast. After that, the engineers at Mangusta yachts designed ever larger, high-performance sports vessels that left Cobras in their wake. Three decades later, Overmarine has earned a lasting reputation for high-quality builds of long-range, semi-custom maxi yachts. Among the most popular Mangusta yachts for sale are the Mangusta 100 yacht, Mangusta 105 yacht and the Mangusta 165 motor yacht.

Three Shipyards, Triple Focus

From design to delivery, Mangusta yachts are produced at sites in the heart of Italian shipbuilding: Massa, Viareggio and Pisa. The 72,178-square-foot Pisa yard concentrates on metalworking for the biggest Mangusta yachts for sale, including the 50m Mangusta (Oceano) 165-foot motor yacht and the GranSport 177. The 47,000-square-foot Viareggio shipyard is dedicated to building Mangusta’s luxurious speedy, sporty Maxi Open models that range from 104 feet to 215 feet. And finally, the yard in Massa focuses on the technology, engineering and production needed to manufacture Mangusta’s large composite yachts. Altogether, Mangusta yacht production facilities total 623,359 square feet.

Mangusta Oceano: Great range, world-class style

The long-range Mangusta Yacht Oceano line lets you cruise at a maximum speed of 17 knots and travel up to 5,000 nautical miles in complete comfort. The line’s five displacement models range in length from 150 to 196 feet. The comfort comes from the fact that these motor yachts move through the water rather than riding on top, and offer almost unrestricted onboard space for socializing as well as exceptionally large master and guest suites. In 2016, the Oceano line introduced its first tri-deck model.

Mangusta GranSport: Transoceanic range, top-notch performance

GranSport’s three sporty –– and elegant –– models (33, 45, 54) are the epitome of power and speed. Ranging from 108 to 177 square feet, Mangusta GranSport yachts for sale take you on extended voyages up to 4,200 nautical miles at a top speed of 29 knots – in maximum comfort. Because of its six-foot two-inch draft, Mangusta GranSport yachts are right at home in shallower water.

Mangusta Maxi Open: Functional, fast, super-livable

With a range of 520 nautical miles at a top speed up to 37 knots, Mangusta’s Maxi Open line is what grabbed the sailing world’s attention in 1990, propelling the Mangusta yacht brand into sailing history. The five models (104 REV, 110, 132E, 165E, 215) combine versatile spaces with exceptional engineering, functionality, speed and comfort to create the ultimate luxury sports yachts, bar none. Treat your family and friends to the onboard experience of a lifetime by introducing them to a Mangusta Maxi Open motor yacht.

Shipyacht Stats:

  • Founder: Giuseppe Balducci
  • Established: 1985, Overmarine Group, Viareggio, Tuscany
  • Type: High-performance, luxury, long-range open sailing yachts
  • Models: GranSport (33, 45, 54); Maxi Open (104 REV, 110, 132E, 165E, 215); Oceano (42, 43, 46, 50, 60)

The Magusta 80, which was launched in the’90s was incredibly successful due to the fact that open yachts were never built that large before.

The family-owned business now includes his children, who are as equally rooted in the original values the company started with. The streamlined, sleek and sporty lines made it a timeless classic, to this day. In more recent years, the yard launched a far-reaching tri-deck yacht, as well as its GranSport line that set a new standard of blending high-performance with transoceanic range.

After 35 years, Mangusta Yachts still leads the market in its respective segments. So, if you’re looking for a sporty, high-performing, long-range sailing vessel, check our yachts for sale database for Mangusta yachts for sale. You can count on our cutting-edge cloud network technology, enterprise-level software tools and real-time, reliable information to make your search fast and easy.



Viareggio, Tuscany


Composite Materials, Aluminum Alloy and Steel