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Founded in 1957 by designer Jack Hargrave, Hargrave yachts are renowned builders of open bridge, raised pilothouse, motor yachts, flush deck, skylounge and tri deck yachts ranging in size from 68 to 115 feet. Read more about the builder below, and search for Hargrave yachts for sale by length, price, year, and more.

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Company History

Hargrave custom yachts are recognized worldwide for their legendary design, breathtaking craftsmanship and detailed interiors.

Current models range from 68 to 115 feet and include these styles: open bridge, raised pilothouse, motor yacht, flush deck, sky-lounge and tri deck.

Typically, there are a dozen or more Hargrave motor yachts in different stages of construction at all times. More than half of Hargrave Yacht owners have built at least two yachts with the company – and some as many as four. Hargrave yachts for sale aren’t on the market for long, which is amazing considering the yacht builder didn’t exist 22 years ago.

Forty-Plus Years of Hargrave Yachts Design

Back in 1957, before the yacht builder was ever thought of, Hargrave was famous for designing, not building, custom boats. Led by future NMMA (National Marine Manufacturers Association) Hall of Famer Jack Hargrave, this American design firm helped make companies like Amels, Atlantic, Burger, Halmatic, Hatteras and Prairie household names among yacht lovers.

It was Jack Hargrave’s brilliant approach to design, planning and engineering that was the yardstick by which all other custom mid-sized luxury yachts were measured. (You can still see his design influence on yachts built today.) When Jack passed away in 1997, Michael Joyce, a former Hargrave employee and successful CEO in the industry, took over as president and CEO of what would become Hargrave Custom Yachts.

By 1998, builders were staffing up their own in-house design and engineering departments, and Joyce knew Hargrave would have to begin building its own yachts to remain viable. He recruited experienced yacht designers to carry on Jack Hargrave’s legacy in the company’s Ft. Lauderdale headquarters. He then partnered with Kha Shing Enterprises shipyard in Taiwan, where the craftsmen were skilled in using systems designed to U.S. standards. Even today, most of what goes into Hargrave motor yachts is shipped from the U.S. to Taiwan for installation.

In 1999, the first Hargrave custom yacht – an 87-foot sky-lounge motor yacht – was launched. It was the first sensibly priced, custom yacht in the 80 to 150-foot range, and it paved the way for ever bigger Hargrave custom yacht projects. While no two Hargrave yachts are exactly the same, they do share core characteristics: micro-detailed design; strong, solid structure; state-of-the-art machinery, systems and equipment; high-end furnishings and the latest nautical technology. The entire design/build process is a collaboration between Hargrave Yachts and the client. That’s how you know every Hargrave custom yacht has passed the most rigorous inspection – that of the owner – with flying colors.

Since starting its construction program in ’98, the company has built more than 100 one-of-a-kind luxury yachts. The largest yacht to date was the 184’ Hargrave BABAS delivered in 2019.

Shipyard Stats:

  • Founder: Jack Hargrave (1957), Michael Joyce (1998)
  • Established: Hargrave Design 1957; Hargrave Custom Yachts 1998
  • Headquarters: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • Shipyard: Kha Shing Enterprises, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
  • Type: Custom mid-sized luxury motor yachts
  • Size: 68 to 115 feet
  • Styles: Open Bridge, Raised Pilothouse, Motor Yacht, Flush Deck, Sky-lounge and Tri Deck
  • Construction: Solid fiberglass bottom; cored with closed-cell foam topsides and superstructure

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Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Solid Fiberglass Bottom; Cored with Closed-Cell Foam Topsides and Superstructure