World’s Largest Yachts: Five Facts About M/Y AZZAM

All motor yachts are impressive feats of engineering and design. However, one yacht stands out for its sheer vastness: 180m Lürssen M/Y AZZAM

All motor yachts are impressive feats of engineering, design and luxury. However, one yacht stands out for its sheer vastness and mystery: 180m (590.55ft) M/Y AZZAM.

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#1 Lürssen Yacht AZZAM is currently the world’s largest private motor yacht 

At 180m and 13,000GT, AZZAM is the largest private yacht in history. However, this will change when the record-breaking REV yacht is delivered in 2024. At 183m, it will be slightly larger than this luxury yacht. REV Ocean is a unique, state of the art research and expedition vessel funded by Norwegian business-man Kjell Inge Røkke.  

#2 AZZAM was built for speed, not size 

Mario Pedol, co-founder of Nauta Design, the exterior yacht designer of AZZAM, revealed that she was originally set to be 145 meters and the owner’s focus was to be able to reach his private island in Abu Dhabi as quickly as possible. Throughout the yacht design process, more length was added to the motor yacht, but its top speed is still 30 knots.  

#3 AZZAM can host over 100 people on board 

This large yacht can accommodate up to 36 guests on board and has space for up to 80 yacht crew.  

#4 AZZAM was built in record time 

AZZAM took just four years to conceive, build and deliver by German shipyard Lürssen and is said to have cost more than US$500m. For a vessel of this size and caliber, it is an incredible achievement.  

#5 Very few people have seen AZZAM’s yacht interior 

The yacht owner of AZZAM is incredibly private, which means that the yacht’s interior has never been shown to the public. On the shipyard’s website, Lürssen reveals that “Renowned French designer Christophe Leoni conceived a sophisticated interior with luxurious décor inspired by the Empire style of the early 19th century.” 

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