• 64.0833'
  • 1982
  • Newport Offshore Yachts
  • Portsmouth, Rhode Island, United States
  • $800,000



Designed by David Pedrick and built by Newport Offshore as a contender to defend the Americas Cup in 1983.  Sailed by luminaries including Tom Blackaller, Gary Jobson, Mike Toppa, Paul Cayard she came up against Courageous and Liberty.  While proving very fast in light air, she ‘missed the cut’ to defend. 

Her last competitive outing prior to 2017 was in the New York Yacht Club Sesquicentennial in 1994 when, under charter by Gary Jobson she won her class.

After a colorful history including stints with three owners in Southern and Northern California, she returned to Florida in 2000.   Plans for restoring her to racing trim did not eventuate and she languished until purchased in 2010 by the owner of Victory 83. 

Commencing in the summer of 2010 she was ‘taken down’ completely.  The long list included removal of the engine and components then gutting’ the interior prior to soda blasting.  All the deck fittings were removed as were the ‘tailer tubs’, welded hatch covers and a welded companionway forward installed for compliance under USCG regulations for charter work.  Her rudder was removed and the bottom water blasted. 

Her rebuild continued through 2016/17; the ‘work list’ of five pages in length is available.  Rather than sail Victory 83 in the early season regattas, the owner chose to focus on Defender.  On June 8, 2017 after crossing the starting line for the first time in 23 years she proved to be competitive by winning the modern division in the NYYC Around-the-Island Race.  Her later win in the New York Yacht Club Queen's Cup confirmed that she was ready for competition.

Defender is ready to contend. 

  • Basic Information
  • Dimensions
  • Speed / Weight
  • Accomodations
  • Hull & Deck
  • Engine Information
  • Builder: Newport Offshore Yachts
  • Category: Racing Sailboat
  • Model: 12 Meter
  • Model Year: 1982
  • YearBuilt: 1982
  • Year Refit: 2016
  • Refit Type: Comprehensive
  • Tax Paid: N/A
  • Country: United States
  • Registration #: N/A
  • Coast Guard #: N/A
  • Vessel Top: N/A
  • Fly Bridge: No
  • Cockpit: Yes
  • Helipad: No
  • Accomodations: Guest SR/S: 0/0 - Crew R/B/S: 0/0/0
  • LOA: 64' 1" (19.53m)
  • LWL: 45' 0" (13.72m)
  • LOD: 64' 1" (19.53m)
  • Beam: 12' 4" (3.76m)
  • Min Draft: 9' 0" (2.74m)
  • Max Draft: 9' 0" (2.74m)
  • Clearance: --
  • MFG Length: 64' 1" (19.53m)
  • Cruise Speed: --
  • Cruise Speed RPM: --
  • Cruise Speed Range: --
  • Max Speed: --
  • Max Speed RPM: --
  • Max Speed Range: --
  • Displacement: --
  • Gross Tonnage: --
  • Water Capacity: --
  • Holding Tank: --
  • Fuel Capacity: --
  • Fuel Consumption: --
  • Berths: N/A
  • Heads: N/A
  • Sleeps: N/A
  • State Rooms: N/A
  • Crew Berths: N/A
  • Crew Sleeps: N/A
  • Crew Heads: N/A
  • Captains Quarters: No
  • Hull ID: N/A
  • Hull Material: Aluminum
  • Deck Material: N/A
  • Hull Configuration: Moderate Fin with Skeghung Rudder
  • Project Manager: Kim Roberts
  • Hull Designer: David Pedrick
  • Hull Color: DARK BLUE
  • Hull Finish: Paint
  • Exterior Designer: David Pedrick
  • Interior Designer: David Pedrick
  • Manufacturer: None
  • Model: N/A
  • Engine Count: n/a
  • Engine Type: N/A
  • Fuel Type: N/A

Deck Hardware & Winches


  • Halyard and afterguy blocks – American Defender blocks by APM – designed specifically for twelves – rebuilt by the factory with new sheaves, bearings and axles
  • Circular APM titanium vang track – polished, car factory rebuilt with new top connector, new stainless balls
  • Blade jib system installed
  • New main halyard system – starboard side of step to starboard primary
  • Lewmar genoa tracks and ball bearing cars – custom upgrades to cars including sheaves, bearings, hi-strength axle and nickel cobalt pivot pin.  Machined towing point for lead pullers
  • Inboard, outboard and middle tracks installed
  • Harken CRX roller car and track traveler
  • New 3:1 traveler system with Lewmar 40 winches operated by main trimmer – replaced rope tackle system that proved too slow – September 2017
  • Underdeck mainsheet system with custom block and support under island, welded sheave box in to corner of island to lead to the winch
  • Control systems led aft for checkstay, false tack and cunningham – see hydraulics
  • Lead puller system – hydraulic ram and controls
  • Miscellaneous gear and rigging bags have been installed.
  • Padeyes added at various locations for hardware or dock lines, Heavy padeyes added for towing
  • Shock cord afterguy retrieval system added
  • Clam cleats for parking genoa sheets, shock cord keepers for genoa sheets and cars
  • Runner deck blocks to lead to winch – strop mounted into original runner foundations

Winches:  DEFENDER originally had a Barient package.  This package was fully refurbished as part of the refit.  The acquisition of USA came with a next generation Barient package which has some gearing and drive system improvements.  As a result, the primaries and mainsheet winch from USA were moved over to DEFENDER and the two systems were merged to create a hybrid system tailored to DEFENDER.  This package was fully serviced by Jim Plagenhoef, former head of the custom division at Barient.  Recent work during the September 2017 cockpit modifications included raising the main grinder cranks 6 inches and moving the runner winches aft.  Features of the winch system include:

  • Large diameter drums: primaries, main and runners
  • Ratcheting spinnaker sheaves in the bases of the primaries
  • Hi-low ratio drive chains for the primaries provide 6 speeds
  • Range box for the mainsheet winch – also provides 6 speeds
  • Downwind lock-in for the primaries
  • Large diameter USA runner drums / gearing mounted into the DEFENDER recessed deck cans
  • More powerful halyard winches in low gear

Hydraulic System

Hydraulics – the boat had no hydraulic system when purchased – a system was installed using USA and VICTORY components with new plumbing as required.  All panels and pumps were serviced.

  • Three panels – main island and each tailer’s pit
  • Single valve panel on back of island for headstay fast take-up system for downwind.  Pump and valve are plumbed into main panel.
  • Mainsheet island:  Custom panel:  vang, headstay, checkstay, false tack, outhaul and mast ram in / out, Cunningham – two pumping stations – one at panel, one on aft side of island
  • Aft side of island – headstay fast take up valve – supplied from main panel manifold
  • Starboard tailer’s pit – lead puller and genoa tack
  • Port tailer’s  - lead puller and genoa tack
  • Headstay cylinder with toggle and load cell, custom pin for strop with provision for electronic and analog indicator string attachments
  • Mast Ram:  custom push-pull cylinder to integrate into welded foundation
  • Vang cylinder – hangs from boom – custom eye for strops
  • Control cylinders – below floorboards with special mounting for checkstay, false tack and Cunningham
  • Pressurized reservoir under mainsheet island
  • Super long throw fast take up cylinder for tensioning the headstay with the rig forward downwind

Spars, Rigging & Running Rigging

Spars and Rigging

  • Sail Spars 2008 three spreader mast – minimum weight and CG – this rig has been stored inside every winter and is completely broken down and serviced prior to storage.
  • Standing rigging:  Navtec custom rigging and sizes to suit specific requirements – special bump and thread ends on rods, low windage and profile threaded connections at spreader tips
  • Shroud rollers on uppers
  • Mast is fitted with combination mast ram and vang fairlead foundation to facilitate possible future deck layout changes.
  • 2007 Sail Spars / Composite Engineering carbon boom – the boom was only used in 2007 and the 2017-18 seasons and have been stored inside when not in use.  Custom titanium toggle on the Harken CRX car and track to allow the vang cylinder to attach directly to the car.
  • Sail track added September 2017 for foot shelf – gap left for installation of saddle for strop style vang
  • Emergency mainsheet strop added – September 2017
  • Headstay is fitted with a genoa halyard lock
  • Main halyard lock
  • Headboard cars – 2 sets
  • Carbon Spinnaker pole to the Sail Spars / Composite Solutions “Square” pole design with custom Tylaska end fittings.  Design maximizes stiffness for the weight and the ends are lower weight than standard
  • Spare pole:  Aluminum pole that came with the boat – pole is short but serviceable and we have carried it onboard


Running Rigging:  Rigging is made in house by team members who are professional riggers.

  • Full set of running rigging including genoa sheets, spinnaker sheets (2 sets), afterguys,  mainsheet, emergency mainsheet, runner tails, gant line (masthead personnel line).  Mast includes all halyards and control lines.  Towing bridle

Step and chainplates

  • New fully machined mast step assembly with integral riser and sheaves for control lines and mainsheet sheave.  Provision for the main halyard and gant line sheaves to be mounted using brick bolts.  There is a fixed tenon into a mating slot on the bottom of the mast insures that the mast is captive but rockered butt plug allows the mast to pivot fore and aft as required.  Jacking bar slot and bar.  Step assembly is hardcoat anodized.
  • Machined spacer bricks (3”) for tensioning the standing rigging – bricks have recesses for installing strops for blocks
  • Chainplate toggles (4) new 2017 – custom designed and machined from high strength Nitronic 50 bar.  New chainplate pins (upper and lower) machined from Nitronic 50 high strength bar.  New 316 bushings as required for chainplates.


Electronics:  The boat had no functioning electrical system or instrumentation when purchased.  The following was added as part of the refit.  The USA system was rebuilt and used for 2017 and the first event of 2018.  A new B&G / Garmin system was installed in July of 2018.

  • Install 12V electrical system from USA – modify as required
  • B&G H5000 system
  • H5000 Analogue expansion module for string pots
  • Precision-9 Compass NEMA 2000 – 20 HZ
  • H5000 Motion Sensor
  • ZG100 GPS Sensor
  • Signet Speedo sensors – new thru hulls in existing holes
  • Displays:  3 B&G FFD, 1 GFD, H3000 NEMA FFD aft, 5 Garmin GNX120 7”:  mast pod(6) – 1 aft
  • Rudder and trim tab position and load cell
  • New cabling, router for computer access
  • 2 AGM batteries in boxes
  • Battery charger
  • 12V bilge pump system
  • Dockside 110 volt bilge pump

Sail Inventory

Sails:  Basic inventory

  • Mainsails:
  • DM1- Lightly used Quantum – updated upper shaping and added full batten based on VICTORY designs – small for rating but in good shape
  • M2:  Light main originally from VICTORY – maximum dimension as per 12 Metre Rule

  • Headsails:
  • Doyle Code 1– recut for DEFENDER J Measurement
  • Doyle Code 2– recut for DEFENDER J Measurement
  • Doyle Code 3 – recut for DEFENDER J Measurement


  • Spinnakers:
  • Doyle S1’s Red – (QTY 2)
  • North “Big Red” S2
  • North S4 – Heavy air / Symmetrical Reacher


Sails:  Quantum – New September 2017

  • Mainsail – Carbon/Aramid main – maximum sized per rating used three races in 2017 –two events in 2018
  • Headsails:  used briefly in the fall and in 2018 events
  • Code 1 –  Carbon/Aramid
  • Code 2 – Carbon/Aramid
  • Code 3 – Carbon/Aramid
  • Downwind: 
  • S3:  wide power runner


Sails:  Quantum – New Spring 2018

  • Downwind: 
  • A1:  VMG Asymmetrical / Gennaker
  • S2:  AP Runner

Some Spare Sails Pre-2016

Summer 2018:  Since the program owns two competitive boats and both are currently in commission, there may be some movement of sails between the two boats.

Ratings & Related Work

Rating Optimization

  • Fully measured the boat with Ken Kershaw – Senior Class Measurer and member of the technical committee.  The boat was leveled while inside and a complete measurement for two conditions was performed over a 2 day period.  The boat is floating to an All Purpose condition with the sail plan based on this condition.
  • Significant hull fairing forward on profile and aft starboard quarter to address hollows prohibited under the rule.
  • Optimize the sailplan for Appendix E credits
  • IRC Rating:  DEFENDER has an IRC rating, and is competitive under this rating system. In 2017, DEFENDER competed in and won the NYYC Queen's Cup under IRC in 10-12 knot conditions against a strong fleet including a number of TP52s. The NYYC will also dual score one design and Class boats such as Twelves against their own fleet and against the IRC Fleet as a whole for the Around the Island Race.


  • Rudder:  A new deep / high aspect ratio carbon rudder was fitted in September 2017.  As part of the new rudder job, the helm was moved forward to facilitate the move of the runner winches aft.  New rudder bearings, steering sheaves and cables were installed.

  • Laser Scan of hull – used for measurement studies and fitting the new carbon rudder to the boat.
  • The keel, hull, and bottom were faired and painted in the spring of 2018 as part of the refit.