• 45.3 m
  • 2006
  • LIVORNO, Italy
  • 9 600 000 €


LOA: 45.30 mt                                                                                                 YEARS: 2006

LWL: 41.14 mt                                                                                                 MFG: PERINI NAVI

BEAM: 9.04 mt                                                                                                TYPE: Cruising Sloop

DRAFT: min. 4.14 mt max. 9.14 mt                                                                   RIG: Sloop

HULL CONF: Keel Centerboard                                                                          COCKPIT: Aft   

HULL MTRL: Steel AH 36                                                                                  RANGE: 3500 nm

SPEED: Cruising speed 10 kt / max speed 14 kt at 2300rpm                              Engine Years: 2006

ENGINE: Caterpillar C- 32  1044.5 kw at 2300 rpm                                           DISP: 309 Tons

DECK MTRL: Teak                                                                                           FLAG: PORTUGUESE

INTERIOR DESIGN: PERINI NAVI                                                                     LOCATION: ITALY

EXTERIOR DESIGN: PERINI NAVI                                                                     MCA: NO         

CLASSIFICATION: ABS                                                                                     ISM: NO

CLASS TYPE: +A1 Commercial yachting Service                                                


Watertight bulkhead:                 (5) Forepeak, Crew quarter, Fwd Engine Room, Aft Engine Room, Lazzarete

Keel:                                        5 mt mobile drift in fiberglass

Hull:                                         Steel AH 36

Steering:                                  Electro-Hydraulic steering gear system Type : CL. 2 - B401


Rudder:                                    Semi balanced with skeg mounted bearing

Deck:                                       Teak 16 mm thick



Engine:                                     Caterpillar mod. C-32 1044 kw at 2300 rpm  6690 hrs

Gear box:                                 Hundested CPG50 reduction ratio 4,12:1

Propeller:                                  Hundested variable pitch control 4 blades feathuring

Stern & Bow Thruster:               Extractible Hundested A/S mod. FT 2½ R 75 HP


Saloon:                                     2 sliding doors infrared sensors, pneumatic mechanism and belt driven

Sun deck area:                         Sliding hatches from aft cockpit

Flush hatches:                          Crew access, engine room, lazzarette

Side shell door:                         Port side swim platform

Passarelle:                                Hydraulic, Telescopic remotely controlled  

Side ladders:                            Retractable into main deck midship with self-levelling steps

Deck lockers:                            6 deck store located amidship and bow area                

Portlights:                                 12 laminated double-glazed


Fuel:                                        31.000 liters in 3 tanks located amidship

Day tank:                                 650 liters in 1 tank

Fuel oil transfer pump:              1 Gianneschi & Ramacciotti

Fuel oil Centrifugate pump:       1 Alfa Laval MAB 103B-24

Fuel oil primary filters:              Facet model VFCS 21/C-PG

Lube oil:                                   400 liters

Sludge:                                     400 liters in 1 tank

Lube oil pump:                          1 Gianneschi & Ramacciotti

Oil Water separator:                  Facet model CPS 1,6 E


Tanks:                                     1 tank 440 liters for PTO service                                                                                                          1 tank 100 liters for mobile drift and Vang                                                                                            1 tank for Shell door, G/way and Davit unit

Hydraulic pump:                        Sauer Danfoss for  PTO service                                                                                                            ABB motor M3000 for mobile drift and Vang                                                                                         ABB motors pump for Shell door, G/way, Side ladder and Davit unit



Fresh water tanks:                    7600 liters in 2 tanks

Water Boiler:                            2 Gianneschi 200 liters 5 Kw with

Fresh water pump:                    2 Gianneschi & Ramacciotti each 70 l / m

Hot water Circulating pump:      Gianneschi & Ramacciotti CB-CG

Water makers:                          2 Idromar MC5S each 5500 per day (total 11000 liters per day)

Plumbing:                                 PVC plumbing


Grey/black water:                     1 tank 1600 liters

Tank Discharge pump:              2  Jet vacuum each 3 Kw

Marine Toilette:                        10 Jet Marine Wc

Waste treatment system:          Hamman treatment system

Plumbing:                                 PVC plumbing


Bilge compartment:                   7 compartments with high level alarm and bilge suction

Primary Bilge Pump:                  1 Giannechi ACM-BT 220/380 l/m 4 Kw

Secondary bilge pump:              7 Gianneschi & Ramacciotti MINI MAXI SUB VORTEX 1 for each compartment

Fire pump:                                1 Gianneschi & Ramacciotti ACM-BT 220/380 l/m 4 Kw


Air compressed:                        2 compressors MATTEI max. pressure 10.5 bar

Air receiver Tank:                     100 litres

Air dryer:                                 1 Racor


Air conditioning:                        2 unit Condaria each 72000 kcal/h                                                                                                        2 sea water pumps                                                                                                                              2 Chilled water pump                                                                                                                           4 compressor                                                                                                                                         1 boiler for hot

Fan Coils:                                 6 crew quarter, 3 wheelhouse, 4 main saloon, 6 Owners/Guest cabins,                                                  2 ECR   

Extraction Ventilation:               Crew area, Galley, Wheelhouse, Main Saloon, Owners/Guest Area.

Engine Room ventilation:           Port and Stbd Side fan invertible

Galley:                                     4 doors + 3 drawers refrigeration                                                                                                         2 doors Freezer                                                                                                                                   1 Ice maker Hoshizaki

Lazzarette:                               4 doors Hoshizaki                                                                                                                                1 Ice Maker Hoshizaki                                                                                                                          1 Wine cellar                                                                           

Saloon:                                     1 door Refrigeration

Aft Cockpit:                              1 door Refrigeration


Generators and Electricity:         2 Caterpillar 380V, 50Hz, 3 PH+N 70 kw            13800 hrs                                                                              1 Caterpillar 380V, 50Hz, 3 PH+N, 40 kw          4100 hrs                                                                                1 Mase IS 14.5 T 12 kw, 380V, 50Hz, 3 PH+N (lazzarette)

Generators hours:                     G# 1- 4200h, G#2- 4000h, G# 3- 2000h

AC System:                               220/380 V 50hz

DC system:                               24V

Inlet shore power cable:            1 per 125 amp retractable 30 mt lenght

Shore power converter:             Converter output 400/230V 50Hz

Service batteries:                      1 per 24V 400amp Gel battery

Service batteries E lighting:        1 per 24V 400amp Gel battery  

Starting batteries Main Engine:  1 per 24V 200amp Gel battery

Starting batteries Generator:     1 per 24V 150amp Gel battery

Starting batteries E/G:              1 per 12V 100amp Gel battery

Radio batteries:                        1 per 24V 150amp Gel Battery


Sails Area:                                approx. 2216 s.m.

Main Sail:                                 1 North Sail 432 s.m. boom furling full battened (2006) revised 2011

Staysail:                                   1 North Sail 268 s.m. furling (2006) revised 2011

Genoa:                                     1 North Sail 491 s.m. furling (2006)

MPS:                                        1 North Sail 1025 s.m. (2006) revised 2011 - with new sock 2011

Mast:                                       1 Perini Navi aluminium mast 52.4 mt from water line                                                                           5 spreader

Boom:                                      1 Perini Navi Furling boom electric, Carbon fiber

Boom Vang:                             1 Perini Navi Stainless steel, Hydaulic

Polo lift:                                   1 Perini Navi, Titanium

Sail Track & blocks:                  1 Harken

Rigging:                                    Perini Navi system, Stainless steel rod

Furling gear:                             2 Perini Navi system, electric

Winches:                                  2 Harken 1120 three speed for service                                                                                                 2 Antal W66 manual winches double speed

Captive reel Winches:                7 Perini Navi electric winches for sails operation                                                                                    3 Perini Navi electric winches for tender launching

Halyards:                                 2 main sheet                                                                                                                                       1 halyard Main Sail                                                                                                                              2 Genoa Sheet                                                                                                                                     1 Genoa Halyard                                                                                                                        2 Staysail Sheet                                                                                                                                   1 Staysail halyard                                                                                                                                2 MPS sheet                                                                                                                                        4 Service halyard                                                                                                                                            1 Tender Hoist                                                                                                                                                2 Bigo control Halyard

Deck Equipments:                     4 white nylon mooring lines 30 m length 40mm diameter                                                                      1 Bluetooth remote control for Tender launching                                                                                   1 white towing line 180m length                                                                                              6 inflatable POLYFORM Fenders F11                                                                                              4 inflatable POLYFORM Fenders A5                                                                                           2 boat hook in Carbon fibre 4 meters length                                                                                         Various materials (buckets, brooms, brush, etc...)                                                                                 Complete set of International Signals Code Flags                                                                                  Cushions for solarium area                                                                                                       Cushions for Aft Cockpit bench                                                                                                 Cushions for fwd bench                                                                                                        

Covers:                                    4 External Out helms and relative wheels                                                                                              2 Out helm seat                                                                                                                                              10 Covers for wheelhouse and saloon windows                                                                                     6 Covers for all external winches                                                                                     2 Covers for Life Raft                                                                                                                          Covers for Aft Cockpit furniture including chairs, tables & bench suite                                         1 Tender Cover                                                                                                                                               1 Cover for solarium area                                                                                                                     Hawning covering the entire Aft Cockpit/Dinning area


Anchors:                                   2 per 600kg Stainless steel anchors each recessed on hawse-pipe

Chains:                                     2 per 150 mt each side of galvanised steel naval chain diameter 24mm

Anchor winches:                       2 independent vertical axis type electric windlasses by Officina NANNI

Mooring winches:                      2 electrical mooring winches on aft main deck, three speed


Wheelhouse:                             1 Magnetic compass JUPITER 180                                                                                                        1 Fibre optic Gyrocompass SPERRY MARINE C-PLATH NAVIGAT 2100                                                    1 Control & Display unit for Gyrocompass NAVIGAT 2100                                                                      1 Autopilot SPERRY MARINE NAVIPILOT V HSC                                                                           1 FURUNO FAR 28x7SERIES Radar-Arpa                                                                                   1 FURUNO NAVNET with Radar Plotter FURUNO 1943C colour screen and                                 NAVIONICS Charts interfaced with Gyrocompass                                                                                  2 GPS FURUNO GP 90                                                                                                                                     1 FURUNO ETR 6/10 sensor and Colour LCD Sounder FURUNO FCV-600L                                               1 FURUNO AIS FA-100                                                                                                             1 ECDIS NAVISAILOR interfaced with GPS AIS GYRO NAVPILOT RADAR                                       2 display B&G Hercules 2000 series                                                                                          1 NAVTEX FURUNO NX-500                                                                                                     Rudder angle indicator                                                                                                                        Caterpillar Main Engine Control & Display Touch screen                                                                         JIB sail Control Joystick                                                                                                            Mobile drift Control Joystick                                                                                                    2 VHF DSC FURUNO and SKANTI with relative handset                                                                GMDSS station SATCOM C                                                                                                       3 UPS 1500kva each                                                                                                                                        Navigation Lights panel                                                                                                                        PC + scanner/printer

Aft Outhelm Port & Stbd:           1 Monitor 20” for each outhelm                                                                                                            Sails Control station for Main sail, Genoa and Jib for each outhelm                                                         NAVIPILOT V HSC for each Outhelm                                                                                        4 B&G display                                                                                                                                     Mobile drift joystick on Port Outhelm                                                                                              Vang Joystick on Stbd Outhelm                                                                                                VHF DCS on Stbd Outhelm with speakers                                                                                             Caterpillar Main Engine Control & Display Touch screen for each outhelm

Other Communication:               V-SAT broad band antenna connection                                                                                                  1 Telephone switchboard PANASONIC KX TDA-100                                                                               1 PANASONIC desk telephone GSM/GPRS dual band and internal calls                                                   1 Transceiver with handset THARNE & THRANE FLEET 77                                                            WIFI INTERNET connection throughout


Monitors:                                  2 Monitor 23” colour LCD located on Wheelhouse and monitor 19”colour LCD                                        located  in Crew Dinette (

Monitoring and alarm system:   Main Engine control and instrumentation, Full generator control and                                                      instrumentation, Tanks level, Control for Exterior interior lighting, sailing                                               instrumentation monitoring, doors and hatches monitoring. 

CCTV system:                           2 dome cameras on port and stbd spreaders (Zoom/Focus)                                                                   1 dome Camera in Engine Room (Zoom/Focus)                                                                                     1 fix Camera on Wheelhouse                                                                                                    2 control station – Wheelhouse and Crew Dinette


Life raft:                                   2 RFD Limited mod SURVIVA MK III for 20 person each                                                                        18 immersion suite

Lifejacket:                                20 lifejacket for adult + 4 lifejacket for children

SOLAS Life ring:                        4 life ring on main deck aft – 2 with 30mt rope and MOB signal buoy.

EPIRB:                                     1 EPIRB JOTRON 30S MK2 406-121.5 Mhz

SART:                                      1 JOTRON TRON SART radar transponder 9 Ghz

Flare kit:                                  5 white hand flare                                                                                                                               8 red hand flare                                                                                                                                  6 rocket flare                                                                                                                                      2 smoke signal

Throwing lines:                         4 PAIN WESSEX throwing lines 250 mt

Fire suite:                                 2 fire suite + accessories (boots, hatchets, rope, hood, gloves, etc...)                                                    2 Breathing device 200bar + 2 spare cylinder                                                                                       1 fire blanket                                                                                                                                      2 torch with power supply dock

Fire Extinguisher:                      38 fire extinguisher various type                                              

Smoke sensor alarm:                1 Fire panel CONSILIUM in wheelhouse with sensor all throughout the yacht ceiling      

Engine Room:                           Dedicate cylinders CO2 through fixed system with control station into Lazzarette

Medical:                                   Medical Equipments in accordance with class OCEANIC 1


Main Saloon:                             2 Dome SEATEL TV Satellite antenna                                                                             PIONEER TV 50” Colour Plasma (2006)                                                                         1 Decoder SKY                                                                                                               1 PIONEER DVD player                                                                                          1 PIONEER DTS dolby digital                                                                            1 BOSE Home Theater with 15 speakers and Sub-woofer                                     1 I-POD dock station                                                                                                                1 MARANZ Music server                                                                                               1 SAMSUNG VHS Player                                                                                   1 DENON TV 1500RD AM/FM Stereo Turner Unit                                           4 Speakers B&W CCM 50

Central sound system:              CRESTON remote control in Main Saloon with following function:                                   DVD, Terrestrial  TV signal, Satellite TV signal, MP3 Server, Central Turner                    FM/AM, CD Player, I-POD, NAVISAILOR repeater on TV Screen.

Owner Cabin:                           1 SHARP AQUOS 20” colour TV LCD                                                                             1 Decoder TV SAT                                                                                                       1 PIONEER DVD Player                                                                                       1 PIONEER DTS Dolby Digital                                                                          4 Speakers B&W CCM 50 + 2 Speakers for the Bathroom (same type)              1 CRESTON infrared remote control                                                                              1 I-POD dock station

Guests Cabin (for each cabin):   20” SHARP AQUOS colour TV LCD                                                                                1 Decoder TV SAT                                                                                                       1 SONY mini Hi-Fi CD/DVD Player – AM/FM turner unit                                                   2 Speakers B&W CCM 50                                                                               1 I-POD Dock Station                                                                                                   1 PHILIPS infrared remote control

Aft Cockpit:                              4 Speakers B&W CCM 50                                                                                              1 Audio access keypad remote control installed in the wall                                            1 CRESTON waterproof Remote control

Wheelhouse:                             1 PIONEER Turner CD Player                                                                                        2 Speakers B&W CCM 50

Crew Mess:                              1 Toshiba 23” 16:9 colour LCD TV                                                                                1 decoder TV SAT                                                                                                       1 PIONEER DVD Player                                                                                       1 TEAC CD/Turner Unit Amplified                                                                      2 Speakers B&W CCM 50

Crew Cabin (for each cabin):     1 PIONEER Turner CD Player                                                                                        2 Speakers B&W CCM 50

Galley:                                     1 PIONEER Turner CD Player                                                                                        2 Speakers B&W CCM 50

Laundry:                                  1 PIONEER Turner CD Player                                                                                        2 Speakers B&W CCM 50

Lazzarette:                               1 PIONEER Turner CD Player                                                                                        2 Speakers B&W CCM 50


Galley equipments:                    1 extractor                                                                                                                   1 Black Granite countertops                                                                             1 SAMSUNG Microwaves oven                                                                                 4 Professional Cook tops ANGELO PO                                                                 1 ANGELO PO Grill                                                                                                       1 ANGELO PO Conventional Oven                                                                                 1 ANGELO Steam Oven                                                                                                1 GAGGENAU Deep fat Fryer                                                                            1 MIELE Dish washer                                                                                                3 Standard stainless sink + 2 tap with hand shower                                       1 tap salt water                                                                                                            2 Macerators                                                                                                                           1 waste disposal           

Laundry Equipments:                 2 MIELE Industrial grade washing machine                                                                   2 MIELE Industrial Drying machine                                                                               1 MIELE folding ironing machine                                                              1 Ironing board                                                                                                            1 stainless sink + tap with hand shower                                                           linen cupboard and shelving

TENDERS, WATER TOYS AND GYM EQUIPMENTS                                                                                                           

Tenders:                                  1 CASTOLDI 5.0 m Diesel Jet-tender 115HP                                                                  NOVURANIA 3.5 m overboard engine YAMAHA 15HP

Water toys:                              Pair of Water Ski                                                                                                         Wake board complete                                                                                                  Rope for water toy towing

Gym:                                       1 Tapis Roulant TECHNOGYM                                                                                       1 Recline bike TECHNOGYM


Accommodations:                      12 guests on 5 cabins                                                                                                  1 Double bed in Owners Cabin + bathroom with Steam room                                        1 double bed in Guests Cabin + bathroom                                                                       2 Twin beds in each 3 Guests Cabin + Pullman beds in each cabin +                            Bathroom in each cabin

Crew Accommodations:             3 Cabins with 2 Pullman beds each + bathroom in each cabin                                        1 Pullman bed on Laundry     




  • Replaced three Generators in Engine control room (Year ‘08)
  • Painting Hull (Year ’08)
  • Interior floor painting in Main Saloon, wheelhouse, crew quarter (Years ‘09-1’0)
  • Replaced PTO pumps (Year’ 08)
  • New Shaft alignment to reduce vibrations (Year ’08)
  • Replaced Steering gear Pumps (Year 08)
  • Modified and strengthened Genoa and Staysail Stays (Years 07)
  • Replaced Vang pipe(Years ’09)
  • Modified and strengthened the rigging, Added 2 Diagonal FWD (OYS) (Years ‘07/’08)
  • Replaced Baby Stay (Years ’08)
  • Replaced Tender hatches with Carbon Fibre panel and divided in 4 panel (Years ’08)


  • Checked fresh water tanks
  • Checked Fuel tanks
  • Checked Main Engine (report of works carried out as per maintenance program from Manufacture)
  • Checked Generators (report of works carried out as per maintenance program from Manufacture)
  • Checked Shaft and Propellers alignment
  • Checked Skeg bearing and pumps
  • Checked all Hull valves
  • Checked all Communication Equipments (VHF, AIS, GMDSS, Navtex, Portable GMDSS VHF)
  • Checked Fire Fighting System (Pumps, Fire Equipments, Breathing Device, Pipe, Hoses, etc...)
  • Checked CO2 installation
  • Checked Smoke Detector System
  • Checked bilge, bilges alarms, bilge pumps
  • Checked Chain locker, Anchors and chains
  • Update of all ABS Certificate


  • Sending Teak deck
  • Painting by Vernish the gunwale (3 times per years)
  • Replaced Teak planks damaged
  • Service Main Engine as per Maintenance program
  • Service Generators as per Maintenance program
  • Revised 3 Jet Pumps
  • Revised fire pumps
  • Revised bilge pumps
  • Revised A/C pumps
  • Painted Stern
  • Modified PTO Tank for a better flow
  • Replaced 3 service Halyard
  • Replaced Tender Hoist
  • Replaced 1 MPS Sheet
  • Winches and Anchor windless maintenance (yearly)
  • Painted antiskid on Sundeck
  • Installed new Cathodic Protection Monitoring System

  • Basic Information
  • Dimensions
  • Speed / Weight
  • Accomodations
  • Hull & Deck
  • Engine Information
  • Builder: PERINI NAVI
  • Category: Sloop
  • Model: N/A
  • Model Year: 2006
  • YearBuilt: 2006
  • Year Refit: N/A
  • Refit Type: N/A
  • Tax Paid: N/A
  • Country: Italy
  • Registration #: N/A
  • Coast Guard #: N/A
  • Vessel Top: N/A
  • Fly Bridge: No
  • Cockpit: No
  • Helipad: No
  • Accomodations: Guest SR/S: 5/12 - Crew R/B/S: 1/0/0
  • LOA: 148' 8" (45.30m)
  • LWL: 135' 0" (41.14m)
  • LOD: --
  • Beam: 29' 8" (9.04m)
  • Min Draft: 13' 7" (4.14m)
  • Max Draft: 30' 0" (9.14m)
  • Clearance: --
  • MFG Length: --
  • Cruise Speed: 10 Knots
  • Cruise Speed RPM: --
  • Cruise Speed Range: 3,500 Miles
  • Max Speed: 14 Knots
  • Max Speed RPM: 2,300 RPM
  • Max Speed Range: --
  • Displacement: 309 Tonne
  • Gross Tonnage: --
  • Water Capacity: 7,600 Gallons
  • Holding Tank: --
  • Fuel Capacity: 31,000 Gallons
  • Fuel Consumption: --
  • Berths: 8
  • Heads: 5
  • Sleeps: 12
  • State Rooms: 5
  • Crew Berths: N/A
  • Crew Sleeps: N/A
  • Crew Heads: N/A
  • Captains Quarters: No
  • Hull ID: N/A
  • Hull Material: Steel
  • Deck Material: N/A
  • Hull Configuration: Centerboard
  • Project Manager: N/A
  • Hull Color: N/A
  • Hull Finish: N/A
  • Exterior Designer: PERINI NAVI
  • Interior Designer: PERINI NAVI
  • Manufacturer: Caterpillar
  • Model: C-32
  • Engine Count: Single
  • Engine Type: Inboard
  • Fuel Type: Diesel