COUACH 2600 FLY (new construction)

  • 26.2 m
  • 2017
  • France
  • 6 200 000 €


  • Basic Information
  • Dimensions
  • Speed / Weight
  • Accomodations
  • Hull & Deck
  • Engine Information
  • Builder: COUACH
  • Category: Motor Yacht
  • Model: N/A
  • Model Year: 2017
  • YearBuilt: 2017
  • Year Refit: N/A
  • Refit Type: N/A
  • Tax Paid: N/A
  • Country: France
  • Registration #: N/A
  • Coast Guard #: N/A
  • Vessel Top: N/A
  • Fly Bridge: Yes
  • Cockpit: No
  • Helipad: No
  • Accomodations: Guest SR/S: 4/8 - Crew R/B/S: 1/4/0
  • LOA: 86' 0" (26.20m)
  • LWL: 78' 7" (23.95m)
  • LOD: --
  • Beam: 20' 9" (6.30m)
  • Min Draft: --
  • Max Draft: 5' 8" (1.71m)
  • Clearance: --
  • MFG Length: --
  • Cruise Speed: 22 Knots
  • Cruise Speed RPM: --
  • Cruise Speed Range: --
  • Max Speed: 32 Knots
  • Max Speed RPM: --
  • Max Speed Range: --
  • Displacement: --
  • Gross Tonnage: --
  • Water Capacity: 1,800 Liters
  • Holding Tank: --
  • Fuel Capacity: 12,000 Liters
  • Fuel Consumption: --
  • Berths: 8
  • Heads: N/A
  • Sleeps: 8
  • State Rooms: 4
  • Crew Berths: 4
  • Crew Sleeps: N/A
  • Crew Heads: N/A
  • Captains Quarters: No
  • Hull ID: N/A
  • Hull Material: GRP
  • Deck Material: Fiberglass
  • Hull Configuration: N/A
  • Project Manager: N/A
  • Hull Designer: COUACH
  • Hull Color: N/A
  • Hull Finish: N/A
  • Exterior Designer: COUACH
  • Interior Designer: COUACH
  • Manufacturer: MAN
  • Model: 12V1400 Diesel.
  • Engine Count: Twin
  • Engine Type: Inboard
  • Fuel Type: Diesel


Total number of 8 guests will be provided with beautiful and comfortable accommodation, divided in 4 lovely staterooms. All of these will be situated on the lower deck. There will be a full-beam master cabin, a VIP cabin, a double cabin, along with a twin cabin. The vessel’s 4 crew will sleep in 2 crew cabins.

Material and construction standards

All materials used in the construction of the yacht are new, suitable for the intended purpose, undamaged and of the highest marine quality.

Wood used in the construction are properly stored, well-seasoned (undamaged and free from sap, shake, knots and any other defect). Where appropriate, the wood is to be impregnated by an approved process. The plywood is new and marine quality standard or certified CTBX. All teak is of highest quality and guaranteed free from knots and shakes.

For all stainless steel parts that are normally in contact with seawater and salt air AISI 316L standard is applied.

Where bronze is used, it shall be of seawater resistant quality. Brass is only used in areas where no significant mechanical stress is required or for decorative purposes.

Fasteners and hardware subject to corrosion, sticking or freezing in damp or exposed to seawater areas are of stainless steel or seawater resistant alloy.

Particular care will be taken to avoid galvanic corrosion between dissimilar metals which are not proved to be compatible. Such metals are not to be jointed directly but are to be galvanically isolated.

All materials and equipment intended or allocated to the construction of the yacht must be stored according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and protected from bad weather upon delivery at the Yard. All material and particularly electric and electronic equipment must be sheltered from dampness and condensation.

The Builder undertakes to protect from any damage all finished floors, coverings, glazing, dashboards and other exposed elements.

All fasteners are metric or US/UK thread, unless prior requested by the Owner or the Owner’s Representative.

All visible screws are from Torx, CHC or FHC.

Communication Equipment

Communication system in conformity with flag requirements. 

- Satellite KVH M7 antenna or equivalent and terrestrial mini dome for TNT reception when satellite signals are missing.

- Intercom in each cabin including in the captain cabin and the wheelhouse through DECT Astra phones or equivalent.

* Subscriptions to the different services are to the Owner or the Owner’s Representative responsibility.

The dashboard of the wheelhouse comprises:

- Electronic control of engines, gearbox and engine control by LCD screens.

- PLC with touch screen (please refer to chapter 4.1).

- Windshield wipers control.

- Searchlights control.

- Foghorn control.

- Windlasses control.

- Flaps control.

- Bow thruster control.

- Watermaker control.

- Generators control.

- Air conditioning unit control.

- Steering wheel.

- Engine control.

- Engine start and stop.


Navigation Equipment

All navigational electronic equipment onboard is designed to be in conformity with flag requirements

Equipment budgeted and stipulated in Annex B of theses technical specification are to be validated by the Owner or the Owner’s Representative.


- 1 radar with integrated screen.

- 1 GPS-receiver.

- 1 auto-pilot with control panel and display, 1 calculator, 1 angle indicator and repeater to the flybridge.

- Chart plotter colour with display and repeater to the flybridge.

- Heavy duty computer.

- Magnetic compass.

- 1 loch.

- 1 indicator with anemometer.

- 2 tridata indicators.

- 1 depth sounder with 1 sensor.

- 1 barometre.

- 1 surveillance camera in the engine room with signals sent to the control screens in the wheelhouse.

* Mapping contracts to be subscribe by the Owner or the Owner’s Representative before departure of the yacht from the Yard.

Fuel and Oil System

- Total fuel capacity: about 12 000 L.

- Piping: homologated stainless steel and flexible reinforced hose.

- Each tank is identified with its serial number and capacity.

Fuel management system

- To avoid free surface effects, each tank can be discharged from one to the other by manifold valves or by a transfer pump.

- Certified visual gauge.

- Electric gauge to control fuel level from touch screens.

- Double metallic filtre separator with bypass valve for main engines and simple pre-filter for engines and generator; and water detector alarm Raccor type or equivalent.

- Fuel filtre for the generator, 30 microns elements or equivalent.

- Refueling connections on the main deck sideways. 

Fresh water system

- 1 composite tank integrated to the hull: capacity about 1 800 L.

- 1 x 230V/50 Hz fresh water pump to supply interior fresh water network and to insure a pressure of about 3,5 bars throughout the yacht.

- Hot water will be supplied by 2 x 75 L electric water heaters.

- Shore connection on the stern platform to supply the network and for tank-refilling.

- Second refilling connection on the main deck.

- Toilet system working on fresh water circuit.

- Non-metallic piping throughout the boat.

- All visible piping is white.

- The hot water piping is insulated.

- 4-20 mA sensor for pressure indicator of the main circuit (PLC screen).

- All pumps are mounted on silent blocs.

- Fresh water supply points (cold water plugs): 2 on the main deck (1 at fore, 1 on the rear) and 1 on the fly. 



The electrical system is distributed in all areas of the yacht with the following main power supply systems:

- 230V/50 Hz for heavy duty use and general supply of the yacht.

- 24 Volts DC for electronics, navigation systems, operational use and lighting.

- 24 Volts DC for engines and gensets starting.

 The different systems are provided with all necessary equipment for protection. To this purpose a main electrical board is provided in the engine room with secondary control panels in the different compartments.

The electrical system is designed and installed in conformity with the provisions of EC Directive for easy use and maintenance. It is made with high quality approved components and parts.

All electrical wiring is housed in cable trays, protected and separated against shocks, vibrations and tearing.

Electronic cables are protected and run separately from power supply wherever possible.


Alternative current*:

- 1 generator, 1 phase, 230V/50 Hz rated at 25 kW.

- 1 shore connection 63A / 230V with differential circuit breaker.

- 1 converter 24V230V 5000VA.

- 1 galvanic isolation transformer on the shore line.

Main direct current*:

- 1 battery bank 600 A/h 24 V for services. Maintenance-free gel batteries.

- 2 battery banks AGM 225 Ah 24V (swappable) for main engines and gensets starting (Ampere/hour rated as per the engine manufacturer’s recommendations). Maintenance-free gel batteries.

- 1 battery bank AGM 160 Ah 24V for the windlass.

All battery units charging systems are*:

- 2 automatic chargers 100A/230V, Mastervolt type or equivalent, for recharging the service banks and the windlass*.

- 1 automatic charger 50A/230V, Mastervolt type or equivalent, for the 2 starting banks.

- Alternator 120A / 24V installed on each main engine.

- Each starting battery bank has the ability to back up the other one.

* Nota: generators, battery banks, chargers and converters can be adjusted depending on the equipment.


Engines / 2 x MAN 12V1400 Diesel.

Power / 1400 HP @ 2300 RPM.

Starting system

Electric starting system: 2 x 24V electric starters, 2 poles for each.


Lubrification oil circulation pump with safety valve for forced-lubrication and piston-cooling.


-  Type: ZF 2070 A, reduction radio 2.467.

-  Electric control system.

-  Auxiliary PTO SAE C, 650 NM.


- Control screen MAN with colour display “CLC 6.5”.


-  Mufflers installed on top of the engines.

-  Composite underwater exhausts with bypass.


Propulsion system is composed of 2 shaft lines made to measure and water lubricated.

- 2 stainless steel Duplex 4462 shaft lines. Duplex material used, according to its grade, by the Manufacturer has a higher resistance to the corrosion than any other type of stainless steel as well as a higher traction resistance than any other material used for the shaft line construction.

- 2 x 5-blade asymmetric propellers NiAl-bronze, Class S. These propellers are made to measure in order to reach a very high level of performances and efficiency.


The steering system is designed in conformity with EC regulations and composed of is composed of:

-  1 x 230V hydraulic unit power with separate network.

-  The emergency steering is supplied by a steering directly connected on either rudders.

-  1 electro-distributor with VarioProp drawer for the main steering control and 1 drawer for the autopilot.