• 15'
  • 2010
  • SEAmagine Hydrospace Corp
  • Claremont, California, United States
  • $875,000


  • Basic Information
  • Dimensions
  • Speed / Weight
  • Accomodations
  • Hull & Deck
  • Engine Information
  • Builder: SEAmagine Hydrospace Corp
  • Category: Submarine
  • Model: SEAmagine Ocean Pearl
  • Model Year: 2010
  • YearBuilt: 2010
  • Year Refit: N/A
  • Refit Type: N/A
  • Tax Paid: N/A
  • Country: United States
  • Registration #: N/A
  • Coast Guard #: N/A
  • Vessel Top: N/A
  • Fly Bridge: No
  • Cockpit: No
  • Helipad: No
  • Accomodations: Guest SR/S: 0/0 - Crew R/B/S: 0/0/0
  • LOA: 15' 0" (4.57m)
  • LWL: --
  • LOD: --
  • Beam: 8' 8" (2.64m)
  • Min Draft: --
  • Max Draft: --
  • Clearance: --
  • MFG Length: --
  • Cruise Speed: 3 Knots
  • Cruise Speed RPM: --
  • Cruise Speed Range: --
  • Max Speed: --
  • Max Speed RPM: --
  • Max Speed Range: --
  • Displacement: 8,400 Pounds
  • Gross Tonnage: --
  • Water Capacity: --
  • Holding Tank: --
  • Fuel Capacity: --
  • Fuel Consumption: --
  • Berths: N/A
  • Heads: N/A
  • Sleeps: N/A
  • State Rooms: N/A
  • Crew Berths: N/A
  • Crew Sleeps: N/A
  • Crew Heads: N/A
  • Captains Quarters: No
  • Hull ID: SHV-009-C10-2010
  • Hull Material: Other
  • Deck Material: N/A
  • Hull Configuration: N/A
  • Project Manager: N/A
  • Hull Designer: N/A
  • Hull Color: N/A
  • Hull Finish: N/A
  • Exterior Designer: N/A
  • Interior Designer: N/A
  • Manufacturer: ELECTRIC
  • Model: N/A
  • Engine Count: n/a
  • Engine Type: N/A
  • Fuel Type: N/A


DEEP-C is a two person Ocean Pearl Submersible from SEAmagine Hydrospace Corp. Built in 2010, DEEP-C is rated to depths of 330 meters.


DEEP-C offers an excellent field of view to its occupants and allows for easy entry and exit thru it’s clamshell opening canopy. Carrying a fly out mini ROV from Seabotix and an HD camera/recording system every dive can be fully documented.


The Ocean Pearl acrylic cabin is a clamshell design that fully opens for easy access to the cockpit. The vessel can be launched unmanned and floats high above the waterline when maneuvering on the surface. The external joystick control system allows the crew to drive the submersible at the surface without opening the cockpit until the vessel is secured to the dock or support vessel. Between dives a regular scuba tank is replaced to replenish the flotation air ballast system.


The Ocean Pearl’s life support system includes a large re-breather with CO2 scrubbers and O2 replenishment that maintains a 1 atmosphere pressure inside the cabin at all times with normal breathing levels. There is a 72 hour reserve built into the life support system and essential systems. Mission time is six hours.


  • Brushless DC Electric
  • Thruster forward efficiency 95%
  • Thruster reverse efficiency 90%
  • Standard horizontal propulsion 2X 10hp thrusters
  • Vertical propulsion 1X 10hp thruster      

Life Support System

  • Mission Time – 6 hours
  • Reserve Capacity – 96 hours
  • Oxygen Monitoring – Dual O2 Sensors
  • CO2 Monitoring – Dual CO2 Sensors
  • Oxygen Delivery System – Flow Control
  • Oxygen Mission Capacity – Six Hours + 72 Hours Reserve
  • Carbon Dioxide Removal – Six Hours + 72 Hours Reserve
  • Emergency Breathing System – Stand Alone Independent Units    

Power Capacity

  • Battery Type – AGM Lead Acid
  • Total Power Capacity – 28 KWH  
  • Propulsion Power Capacity – 23 KWH
  • Instrument Power Capacity 5 KWH
  • Charging Time – 5 – 7 Hours

Safety Systems

  • Emergency Drop Weight System
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Constant Positive Buoyancy
  • Water Leak Detection System
  • Automatic Cabin Power Change Over
  • Life Support Alarm Systems
  • Ground Leak Detection System
  • Stalled Motor Over Current Protection    

Topside Support Equipment

  • Wireless Underwater Communication System
  • Topside Submersible GPS Tracking System
  • Topside Depth Tracking of Submersible

Included With Submersible

  • Full ABS Classification (Currently Laid Up)
  • Underwater Communication System for Submersible and Topside Support Vessel
  • Topside USBL (Ultra Short Base Line) Tracking Hand Carry Console
  • Duel Frequency Forward Looking Sonar
  • (4) 150W HID Under Water Lights
  • (4) 70W HID Under Water Lights
  • USBL GPS and Navigation Software
  • External Wet Joystick for surface handling
  • Submersible Battery Charger
  • Under Water HD Video Systems with Pan and Tilt Unit and HD recorder
  • Fly Out ROV System from Seabotix with HD Camera, Cutter and Grabber, 20m Tether with HD Video Reorder
  • Cabin Protection Cover
  • Comprehensive Spare Parts Kit

Fly Out ROV System

The Mini ROV system is fully integrated into the submersible, using the submersibles power to operate the vehicle along a 20m long tether. All controls are accessible from the cabin and the HD video camera output is displayed on the cabin’s video monitor. The ROV is equipped with an emergency jettison system that can detach the ROV from the submersible in case of an emergency. The ROV is designed with a cable cutter that can be used in Self Rescue situations. A secondary arm enables the ROV to grab items in the water with its three finger jaw grabber. The tether management system is integrated in the back of the submersible and is operated from the cabin joystick controller.


Potential purchasers should assume that items on the vessel at the time of viewing, but not specifically listed on this sheet, are not included with the sale of the yacht. These specifications are believed to be true and correct but cannot be guaranteed.