All Ocean Mariner 92

  • 92'
  • 2019
  • Florida, United States
  • $7,850,000


5% to selling broker if fully involved 3% for introduction.

A true world cruising Explorer yacht based on a proven hull form. There is also a layout with 4 guest cabins and crew cabins. Fully priced at IVI yard in Turkey and other options to build available.

  • Basic Information
  • Dimensions
  • Speed / Weight
  • Accomodations
  • Hull & Deck
  • Engine Information
  • Category: Expedition Yacht
  • Model: Mariner Explorer
  • Model Year: 2019
  • YearBuilt: 2019
  • Year Refit: N/A
  • Refit Type: N/A
  • Tax Paid: N/A
  • Country: United States
  • Registration #: N/A
  • Coast Guard #: N/A
  • Vessel Top: N/A
  • Fly Bridge: Yes
  • Cockpit: No
  • Helipad: No
  • Accomodations: Guest SR/S: 3/0 - Crew R/B/S: 0/0/0
  • LOA: 92' 0" (28.04m)
  • LWL: 84' 6" (25.76m)
  • LOD: --
  • Beam: 23' 0" (7.01m)
  • Min Draft: 6' 6" (1.98m)
  • Max Draft: 7' 0" (2.13m)
  • Clearance: --
  • MFG Length: --
  • Cruise Speed: 10 Knots
  • Cruise Speed RPM: 1,450 RPM
  • Cruise Speed Range: 4,000 Miles
  • Max Speed: 13 Knots
  • Max Speed RPM: 1,800 RPM
  • Max Speed Range: --
  • Displacement: 175 Tonne
  • Gross Tonnage: --
  • Water Capacity: 1,200 Gallons
  • Holding Tank: 300 Gallons
  • Fuel Capacity: 7,800 Gallons
  • Fuel Consumption: --
  • Berths: 4
  • Heads: N/A
  • Sleeps: N/A
  • State Rooms: 3
  • Crew Berths: N/A
  • Crew Sleeps: N/A
  • Crew Heads: N/A
  • Captains Quarters: No
  • Hull ID: N/A
  • Hull Material: Steel
  • Deck Material: Teak
  • Hull Configuration: N/A
  • Project Manager: N/A
  • Hull Designer: N/A
  • Hull Color: N/A
  • Hull Finish: N/A
  • Exterior Designer: N/A
  • Interior Designer: N/A
  • Manufacturer: Caterpillar
  • Model: N/A
  • Engine Count: Quad
  • Engine Type: Inboard
  • Fuel Type: Diesel

Hull Characteristics

This vessel's hull form shall be a molded round bilge, bulbous bow hull based on the Overing "Fast Displacement Hull".

The following preliminary principal characteristics are proposed:

Length Overall 92'-0" (28.04m)

Length on the Waterline 84’-6" (25.75m)

Beam (molded) 23'-0" (7.0m)

Draft (50% load) 6'-8"App (2.03m)

Displacement (100% Fuel & 100% Water) 175 L.T. (Approx)

Net Gross U.S. Tonnage Under 300

International Tonnage Under 500

Design Speed at Max (50% fuel/50% Water) 13.5 knots

Design Speed at Max (100% fuel/50% Water) 13 knots

Design Speed at Cruise 12 knots

Max Range at 10 Knot Cruise w/15% Reserve 4,000 NM Est.

Max Range at 12 Knot Cruise w/15% Reserve 2,700 NM Est.

Est. Fuel Burn at 10 Knots w/ 1 Genset Approx. 16 GPH

Est. Fuel Burn at 12 Knots w/ 1 Genset Approx. 29 GPH

Fuel Oil Tankage 7,800 gal (Min)

Potable Water Tankage 1,200 gal (Approx)

Lube Oil Tankage 120 gal (Approx)

Contaminated Lube Oil Tankage 120 gal (Approx)

Main Engines

Two Caterpillar C18, Commercial Rating – Maximum Continuous, Electronically Controlled Marine Engines; each rated at 715 BHP @ 2100 RPM, 24V electric start. The engines shall include lubricating oil filters, deep oil sump, heat exchanger cooling, 24V alarm system, block heaters, drip pans, Cat Engine Vision Monitoring System, hydraulic power take offs also be fitted with Murphy continuous read oil gages with alarms in the pilothouse. Dual Racor 75-1000MAM Separators with vacuum gauges for each main engine.


Separate circuit after-cooler core, corrosion resistant coated (air side)

Air cleaner, regular duty

Single turbocharger, 152 mm (6 in) OD straight connection


Dual Advanced Diesel Engine Management (ADEM II) modules with electronically controlled unit injectors


Fuel filter, RH, with service indicators

Fuel transfer pump


Electronic Instrument panel

Marine Power Displays with analog or digital display of data for:

Engine Oil Pressure Engine Water Temperature

Fuel Pressure

System DC Voltage

Air Inlet Restriction

Exhaust Temperature (prior to turbocharger)

Fuel Filter Differential

Reduction Gears

Two (2) Twin Disc MGX5114-DC 4.17:1 ratio

QUICKSHIFT reduction gears w/Optional Trailing Pump and Vulcan coupling.


Two (2) Northern Lights 40 kW @ 1800 rpm, 120/208v three phase. Generators shall be equipped as follows: Heat exchanger cooled, 24V electric start, standard anti-vibration mounts and hydraulic secondary mounting system;

Generators shall be equipped with the INSEP wet exhaust silencer and water/gas separator units and cooling water system. Load analysis shall be completed and approved by Atlas Energy Systems  

Gensets shall include white powder coated sound enclosures.


Two (2) "Aquatech 22" 4" Diameter stainless steel; Shafts shall be fitted with shaft spurs


 ZF/Faster or equal Two pairs, 2 R/H & 2 L/H, ISO 484/2 Class S Nickel-Aluminum-Bronze, 5-blade with 4" standard taper bore, 48" Diameter, 0.65 DAR W/30 skew min.,  


Two (2) Foil Blade Rudders, semi-balanced  constructed of 1/4" and 3/8" thick CRES 316L plate welded to "Aquatech 17" rudder stock.

Vibration Dampers

The main engines, reduction gears, and generators shall be soft mounted  Main Engines shall be isolated from the hull structure using "Cushy Float" or equal resilient mounts.

All other reciprocating machinery shall be mounted on resilient mounts.

All piping to and from the machinery shall be connected by ABS & MCA approved flexible connections except for the fire pumps.

All stanchions in the vessel shall be filled with dry sand.

Exhaust System

 Main Engine exhausts shall be a combination wet/dry system. (Centek Industries Combo-Sep or equal).  

Genset exhausts shall be wet type, using the Northern Lights INSEP water lift silencers and Gen-Sep water drop separators.

Fire Extinguishing System

Engine Room: Kidde-Fenwal or approved equal CO2

Time delay shall actuate sirens, flashing lights, vent closures, vent fans, fuel shut off at day tank, lube oil, fuel oil, centrifuge pump shutdowns and engine shut-downs. The fire system shall be sized according to the space serviced.

Automatic Fire Extinguishing System shall be in accordance with the classification society requirements of ABS & MCA.

Engine Controls

Two (2) stations, Kobelt Twin Engine Control System; Electronic Control Heads shall be Kobelt 6505BT. One unit installed in Pilot House, one on Flybridge.

The Builder shall also provide two (2) plug-in Kobelt Model 7176 "Walk-about " controllers with one (1) unit serving as a spare. Each unit shall provide engine throttle and gear control, rudder control and bow thruster control. A total of three (3) plug-ins shall be provided for controller, one each port and starboard in the bulwarks adjacent the pilothouse doors, one aft main deck.

Hydraulic Steering

Kobelt or approved equal Hydraulic Steering System shall be installed. System shall include hydraulic reservoir with 230v dual pump sets and dual steering cylinders with Kobelt tiller arms providing 3.0 ton meter Torque over 2 x 35 degrees of rudder angle.

System piping shall be copper seamless tubing with flared fittings.

The Pilothouse and Flybridge Helm Station shall be outfitted with Kobelt helm pumps for wheel steering. Both stations shall be equipped with Kobelt Model no. 7175MA rudder angle indicators.

Steering control shall be incorporated into the Walk-about controller.

Bow Thruster

Quantum QT-60, 16", 50HP, hydraulic driven, tunnel type thruster with two (2) Thruster Control Stations (Flybridge and Pilothouse), jog lever type, spring centered. Thruster control shall be incorporated into the Walk-about controller.

Windlasses & Ground Tackle


Two (2) MUIR VRC 6,000 Windlasses, or approved equal with vertical brake/hand wheel control, hydraulic powered with remote control. (See Section 4.19)

System shall include two (2) Muir chain compressors and two (2) chain rollers. The chain roller going down to the hawse pipe shall be scalloped and similar to the gypsy installed on the windlass. Two (2) 185KG Pool SHHP anchors; 400 feet of 1/2" galvanized stud link chain each side, fed through CRES 316L hawsers to anchor pockets.

Spurling tubes shall be CRES 316L and bell shaped at the bottom to lessen the chance of the chain hanging when freewheeling the anchor. A minimum of 610mm (24") will be given for Anchor Chain Drop. Anchor pockets shall be CRES 316L fabricated to Designer’s plans and polished to No.7 finish.

Warping Capstans

Two (2) Muir VC4000 Capstans, or approved equal, hydraulic powered Capstans shall be installed Port & Starboard on aft main deck.

Anchor Washdown

There shall be an integral and automatic wash-down system for each anchor system. The system will utilize potable water from the vessel’s potable water pressure system and shall automatically spray down each anchor and anchor chain as it is retrieved.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning


Aqua Air or Owner approved equal chilled water air conditioning system and Fresh Air Make-up system shall be installed.. Heating shall be provided by electric blower heaters mounted in fan coil units. Fan coil units shall be installed as shown on Interior Designer’s plans.


The air conditioning plant and central pre-treated air intakes shall be dimensioned to ensure that the following conditions are maintained:

Summer: Outside air 40° C/104°F R.H. 90%

Inside air 22° C/70°F R.H. 55%

Winter: Outside air 0° C/32°F

Inside air 20° C/68°F R.H. 55%

Summer sea water temperature: 32° C/90°F

Winter sea water temperature: 0° C/32°F

Main Chiller Unit

 One (1) 16 ton unit comprised of four compressors (192,000 BTU/H total) Aqua Air, or equal,


Quantum 2030, or equal, 1.8 sq. meter/fin size; single station control, fluid and mounting panel kit and two (2) actuators; System to include the zero speed stabilization feature. Final sizing of stabilizers shall be determined by the manufacturer.

Ventilation System

Engine room ventilation shall consist of two forced air fans. The ventilation system shall be driven by one (1) Delta-T 21" Diameter, 5 hp intake fan and one (1) Delta-T 19" Diameter, 3 hp exhaust fan. The fans are to be controlled by frequency drives and be reversible. The fans shall be fitted with Delta-T Diffusers, and Delta-T smoke/fire dampers. Intake air shall be routed through Delta-T or equal demister grills to eliminate water intrusion. Vent trunks shall be insulated per Soundown requirements.

Guest Stateroom




 Suction from the bilge manifold/bilge main shall be provided by a bilge pump, located in the Engine Room and by the Bilge/Grey Water Pump located in the Forward Machinery Space.

The Bilge/Fire Pump shall be an MP Pumps 2" x 2" Flowmax 10, or approved equal, The bilge system shall include an audible and visual alarm system located in the Pilothouse, Captain’s Cabin and Crew Lounge

In addition, each watertight compartment shall have a submersible DC electric bilge pump to pump out any water that may accumulate. The electric bilge pump control switch shall be located in the pilot house.

Oily Water Bilge System

 The Builder shall furnish and install a bilge oily water separator in the Engine Room, Offshore Marine Labs Model (Sigma) OWS2.1T, 4 GPM. 


The Builder shall and install a 20 gallon oily waste tank

Fire Fighting System

 The vessel shall be equipped with a fire fighting system in accordance with ABS & MCA rules. The fire pump shall take suction from the sea-chest crossover and the discharge shall be valved to provide pressure to the fire-main.

Emergency Pumps

The vessel shall be equipped a Darley Model P-100, 10 hp diesel Powered, portable fire/bilge pump, The Fire Fighting System piping shall be Cu-Ni 90/10 class 200,

Black & Grey Water System

A Headhunter marine head system, or approved equal, shall be installed complete with toilets, Marine Sanitation Device (MSD model TW-HMX-502) and all instruments and controls. This system shall also include an AUTO-CLOR generator Model No. AC-BST-12 This generator shall automatically produce brine from rock salt or seawater feed.

All waste from the toilets shall discharge to the black water tank and automatically transferred via a "Bosworth" diaphragm pump, Owner's and Guest Staterooms shall have Headhunter Royal Flush Superbowl toilets installed. Crew Stateroom shall have Headhunter Royal Flush Commercial SBS model CSBS-0-MHD toilet installed.

"Bosworth" Pump installed for discharging the Main Black Water Tank to a deck discharge station or directly overboard. It shall be provided with automatic float control operation, with a manual operation mode switch.

The black water tank shall be fitted with a sea water wash-down system. No flexible rubber tubing of any kind is to be used in the system including by not limited to Headhunter white rubber piping. The Black Water Tank Vents will discharge from the mast top.


All lavatories, showers, and tubs shall gravity discharge into the Grey water tank or sumps.

Fuel Oil System

The system consists of four categories:

The fuel transfer system shall enable transfer of fuel from tank to tank.  This system shall include the following items:

One (1) duplex fuel oil transfer manifold,

One (1) fuel oil transfer pump, self-priming, One (1) fuel oil transfer hand pump,


One (1) Fuel Flow Totalizer,

One (1) Fuel Oil Centrifuge, Alfa-Laval MIB-303.  The Alfa-Laval shall have the ability to continuously feed the day tanks, with overflow returning back to the tanks drawn from.

One (1) Racor 79-1000MAV filter

The fuel service system shall draw from and return to the fuel oil day tank. A stripping line shall be installed in the day tank. The system shall be equipped with the following items:

One (1) "Racor" fuel filter, #75-1000MAXM with vacuum gauge for each main engine.

Two (2) "Racor" fuel filters, #1000-MAM with vacuum gauge for each generator

A separate 2 fuel fill system shall be installed the Refueling Station Locker  

Lube Oil & Dirty Oil System

This system shall consist of a 120 gallon clean lube oil tank, a 120 gallon dirty oil tank and two (2) transfer pumps.

Waste Oil System


The Builder shall install a 55 gallon waste oil tank,


The Builder shall furnish and install a waste oil pump, enabling the emptying of the waste oil tank to a shore facility.

Chilled Water System

 Chilled water piping shall be seamless copper tube.

Potable Water System

The Builder shall furnish and install in the Forward Machinery Space, Two (2) Sea Recovery Aquamatic Modular 1400 GPD Water makers, or approved equal, 208vAC, 3 phase. Each water maker to be equipped with one commercial pre-filter and one oil/water separator; PWS shall include two (2) Headhunter water pressure pumps, model Stingray 250, two (2) Headhunter WX-104-S pressure accumulator tank, or two Sears or equal shallow well pumps/tanks, two (2) Headhunter or equal Taste & Odor Sand Filters and properly sized silver ion generator or equal.

Potable water system shall be equipped with two (2) , 50 gal quick recovery type water heaters with pressure relief valves.

The system shall also include a shore filling station and be fitted with an water softener in the fill pipe between shore filling station and storage tanks. The hot water system shall be connected in a loop and include a Grundfos inline circulating pump.

Compressed Air System

The Builder shall furnish and install a complete compressed air system. The system shall provide service, sea chest blow downs, ship’s service air and the air horns.

One (1) Quincy or equalair compressor with one (1) 30 gal receiver; Air storage tank shall be fitted One (1) 30 gal receiver located in the flybridge hood for additional reserve air to the air horns.

Two (2) 25' self-retracting hoses with quick disconnect and fittings, one located in engine room and one located in Lazarette.

One (1) air service station with quick disconnect located on the Boat Deck.

One (1) air service station with quick disconnect located in the Forward Machinery Space.

Deck Drains

The Builder shall furnish and install a deck drain system as specified on Designers plans. System shall provide drainage of all weather decks, trunks and storage compartments.

Deck drain system shall be per Shipyard standard system.

Tender Fueling Station

The Builder shall furnish and install a Diesel system for tender Re-fueling.

Engine Room


Two (2) layers 2" Rock wool with 1 layer having 1 lb/sq. ft. sheet lead

One (1) layer solid aluminum sheet painted high gloss white. The color shall match AwlGrip Snow White G8044.


 Two (2) layers 2" Rock wool with each layer having 1 lb/sq. ft. sheet lead

One (1) layer solid aluminum sheet painted high gloss white.

The color shall match AwlGrip Snow White G8044.

Insulation on hull sides shall extend below the design waterline, where practical. Insulation on bulkheads shall extend down to tank top level, where practical.

Shore Power & Inlets and Cords


The vessel shall be equipped to receive shore power from one (1) location on the transom, underneath the passerelle; Two (2) 100 amp inlets mounted inside a weather tight shore power cabinet.

An Atlas Energy Systems ShorPOWER Frequency and Power Converter with inlet; converter shall be sized per manufacturer's recommendation. System shall also include a galvanic isolator on shore ground.

Entry cabinet shall also be equipped to receive phone, and TV. Shore power isolation breakers shall be installed at the main switchboard.


The Builder shall provide a total of two (2) 100’ shore power cords with 100 amp Hubbell or approved equal plugs,. Two (2) Glendinning 100 amp shore power cable reels shall be installed.

Main Switchboard

The main AC switchboard shall have a split-bus generator configuration and split-bus shore power configuration.

It shall not be possible to parallel generator to generator or parallel either generator to shore supply.

The manufacturer of the main switchboard shall be Atlas Energy Systems or approved equal,


Piping system materials, installation and testing shall be in accordance with good shipbuilding practice. All steel piping (except fuel oil piping) shall be fitted and removed and hot dip galvanized inside and outside to marine standards.

All PVC pipe used in the vessel shall be PVC SCH 40. All references made to CRES shall be type 316L unless noted otherwise.


The switchboard shall be housed in a dead front type, drip proof and fire proof, deck-mounted steel enclosure with front opening access doors that lock open. A non-conducting safety handrail shall be fitted on the front. 24 VDC LED interior lighting shall be installed and activated when a door is opened. Complete voltage, amperage, frequency, kilowatt, kilowatt-hour, kVA and kVAr metering shall be included for each power source. Ground-fault meters shall also be included for the buss.

The basic switchboard design shall provide for divisions into sub-sections of the generating section, the load distribution section and the shore power section. The 24 VDC section may not be part of the main switchboard and shall be a separate unit.

The bus bars shall be of copper and suitably sized. All wiring is to be installed with approved type terminals and have numbered tags per the wiring diagrams.

Power Distribution Panels

 On all decks there shall be distribution boxes for lighting and power to be positioned where needed.

There shall be no DC breakers fitted to any AC distribution panel.

All sockets in the vicinity of water shall be protected by ground fault circuit interrupter breakers.


The Pilothouse instrument panels shall be laid out, according to functional and aesthetic considerations by the Builder in conjunction with the Interior Designer and the Owner’s Representative.

The Builder shall take all precautions to avoid glare in the windscreen impairing night vision. The Builder shall install a shield to positively prevent all reflections of any instrument or pilot light in the windscreen, which can be seen by the helmsman. Constantly lit pilot lights shall be avoided but, if absolutely unavoidable, shall have dimmers and shall be of an orange or reddish color.

All instruments, also the electrical meters, shall be lit and dimmed evenly and shall have black rims and black scales with white lettering where possible.

At night the entire Pilothouse shall be dark, with a single dimmer switch operating all relevant illuminated displays and lights. In principle, pilot lights shall only light up in an abnormal situation.


The Builder shall furnish and install a low voltage system composed of the following:


The DC switchboard shall be a separate section attached to the main AC switchboard. The DC section shall look similar to the AC section. DC distribution breakers shall be fitted in the DC switchboard.


An independent calling arrangement for the passarelle and side accommodation gates shall be connected to the telephone system to allow visitors to call on board without having to come on board.


Two banks of two (2) 8D sealed wet cell batteries, 12 volt in series providing 24 VDC output; Batteries shall be wired to provide paralleling capability.


Two (2) 12 volt gel cell batteries, for each generator providing 24 VDC output, four (4) batteries total; Batteries shall be wired to provide paralleling capability.


Two (2)  12 volt gel cell batteries, wired in series, providing 24 VDC output. A 24 VDC distribution panel shall be installed in the Pilot House for the electronics, navigation lighting, and Pilot House lighting.


All batteries shall be of the fully closed, maintenance free, gel type.


One bank of two (2) 8D gel cell batteries, 12 volt in series providing 24 VDC output;

All batteries shall be secured and placed in polypropylene battery boxes with covers and vents, where required.

The Builder shall furnish and install the following battery chargers as manufactured by Newmar, Mastervolt or approved equal: The chargers used with the gel cells shall have heat and over charge sensors.

Main Engine: 24vDC System: Two (2) 120V AC 60hz/24V DC 60 amp dual bank automatic battery charger

Generator Batteries: Two (2) 120V AC 60hz/24V DC 30 amp automatic battery charger

Electronics batteries: One (1) 120V AC 60hz/24V DC 60 amp automatic battery charger

Emergency lighting batteries: One (1) 120V AC 60hz/24V DC 60 amp automatic battery charger


The Builder shall furnish and install Running lights, Anchor lights, Not Under Command lights and an Owner Absent/Meal light per USCG International Navigation Rules and COLREGS. The navigation lights shall be connected to the 24 VDC Pilot House distribution panel.

All light fixtures shall be Aqua Signal dual bulb or equal with 28 volt bulbs-single lens dual bulb.


The following areas as shown on the Contract Plans shall have 3/4" thick teak planks.

Port and Starboard side decks on main deck

Aft Deck and Swim Platform

Flybridge Deck

Six (6) bronze chrome-plated bibs installed in the following locations:

Swim Platform

Port and starboard main deck near amidships

Port and starboard upper deck near amidships

Fore deck

All hose bibs shall be in a recessed housing, fabricated as shown on the Contract Drawings. In no instance shall any hose bib protrude outboard of any flat surface it is mounted to. Washdown supply shall be taken upstream of the taste and odor filters.

Swim Platform shall have flush-mount, pull-out shower recessed in transom wall with hot and cold water.


 One (1) electric 6 burner cook top with sea rails, hood and extractor fan.

One (1) microwave oven

One (1) Hobart LXiG "GLASSWASHER"

One (1) Trash Compactor (Thermador TMC30S, or approved equal)

One (1) Garbage Disposal (Thermador THD800TC, or approved equal)

One (1) Stainless Steel double sink, bottom mount.

One (1) 42" wide full size Refrigerator/Freezer (Sub Zero, or approved equal)

One (1) Instant hot water tap (Insinkerator or approved equal)

Two (2) ovens, One (1) Standard & One (1) Convection

One (1) 15" x 15" food lift to the flybridge bar

Laundry & Provisions Storage


One (1) each Miele 5 kilo washing machine Model No. W1930

One (1) Miele 5 kilo condenser dryer Model No. T1570C

One (1) Stainless Steel single soaking sink

One (1) Fold-down built-in ironing board


WALLS:   Aluminum Panels painted Awlgrip Snow White

CEILING:  Aluminum Panels painted Awlgrip Snow White


Two (2) Dive Lockers. Cabinetry as shown on Contract Plans


One (1) scuba tank refilling station for eight tanks

One (1) 24"x34" Stainless Farmhouse Style sink

One (1) GE Chest Freezer 14.8 Cu. Ft

One (1) Bauer BP20-E3Dive Compressor


FLOORING Pirelli Tiles

WALLS Aluminum Panels painted Awlgrip Snow White.

CEILING Aluminum Panels painted Awlgrip Snow White.

EQUIPMENT Atlas Energy Systems Electrical Panel and Transformer

CO2 Bottle Storage Compartment

Two (2) Glendinning Cable Master Units


Builder shall include into the Contract Price a budget of $30,000USD for the design, manufacture, installation and purchase, of soft goods including window treatments.

In addition to the soft goods allowance, a budget as outlined below shall be provided for the following items: 




GRANITE $100 USD per sq meter