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What is a Mini Yacht?

A mini yacht, in general, is a small vessel usually under 49 feet. The term yacht denotes that there is an expectation of some luxury, so you might find that these vessels are mini in size but mighty in concept – just a smaller version of some of the larger luxury yachts, so you’re likely to see top of the line designs and furnishings. Vessels of these sizes usually mean they can be self-operated, without the need for a professional captain or crew to captain the vessel; however, you may still wish to use a crew depending on your cruising needs. Since this is size related, you might see dayboats, powerboats, or performance yachts in this category as a general term denoting size can apply to numerous vessels that fall within that designation.

Small mini yacht boat types can also include affordable mini family yachts, or even larger superyacht brands like Azimut that also offer small mini yacht boat types.

Video Princess F65 | 65 foot Flybridge Yacht on YouTube

What Are Mini Yachts Made of (Construction Material/Hull Design)?

A mini yacht, like most vessels, is possibly built from materials like steel, aluminum, and composites like fiberglass, GRP, and carbon fiber. It may be either motor or sail, so you’ll find the usual options – a monohull with a keel, or a multihull. If it’s a motor yacht you’re looking for, you could find yourself choosing between displacement hulls, the faster semi-displacement, and even speedier planing hulls.

How Much is a Beginner Yacht?

Since a beginner yacht refers to yachts 49ft and under, your budget won’t have to stretch as much as it would if you were looking at small yachts or superyachts for sale. Depending on the age and condition of the yacht, you can find a used mini yacht starting around $20,000, compared to those costing over $2 million at the higher end.

What is the Average Price of a Mini Yacht?

With such a wide range of sizes and prices to choose from, finding the average price on the mini yacht market can fluctuate. If we take the low-end price of the above of $20,000, and the high-end price of $2 million, you could be looking at an average price of around $100,000 for a small mini yacht boat type price.

Why Should You Buy a Mini Yacht?

You should buy a mini yacht if you dream of traveling the world as the master of your own vessel. You can do it in style and comfort on this yacht type, which is an excellent combination of size for easy handling and luxury for maximum comfort. Versatility might be the key word – you could spend holidays and weekends on board, exploring your surroundings, or cast off from the dock on a journey to travel the world on a mini family yacht. A smaller yacht may provide owners more freedom to visit those locations that don’t accommodate larger vessels, so you might find some hidden gems on your voyages. And what’s better than relaxing on your own mini yacht deck with a cocktail at sunset in an exotic location?

Can You Live on a Mini Yacht in a Marina?

To live in a marina, the discretion usually comes down to the marina itself and not the size of the vessel. Certain marinas won’t allow full-time residents since there is a heavier demand on the marina and its facilities; while others will allow you to stay on board year-round if you so choose. If you’d like to live on your mini yacht in the marina, you’ll need to be sure that the positives to living onboard outweigh the negatives. Please refer to our Liveaboard Boat Guide for more information on living on your boat or yacht full-time.

What is the Minimum Size Yacht for Crossing the Ocean?

Navetta 48 2024 48' 11" ABSOLUTE Motor Yacht, mini yachts for sale

While there have been reports and even world record holders who have crossed the ocean in some truly tiny vessels, experts agree that in order to cross the ocean comfortably, you should take a yacht that is a minimum of 30 feet. You’ll want to take a yacht that is of sturdy construction, with enough storage onboard for extra fuel and provisions for your journey. While a smaller yacht can make the journey, the larger the yacht gets, the greater stability and smoother journey you will have.

For more information, please check out our Ocean-Going Yacht Guide.

Is it Expensive to Maintain a Mini Yacht?

As with all yachts, including a mini yacht, you usually want to set aside 10-20% of the purchase price of the yacht to maintain it annually. Even though a mini yacht encompasses yachts under 49 feet, this size can still include a paid captain and crew if you so wish. Your maintenance costs can increase if you have a crew on the payroll or any refits you wish to undertake. At the very minimum, a mini yacht will cost you 10% of the price you paid to maintain the integrity of the yacht annually.

Best Mini Yacht Brands

Can You Live on a Mini Yacht?

Yes, you can absolutely live on a mini yacht! Most yachts above 27 feet will feature sleeping quarters, although some experts agree that in order to qualify as a “live aboard” yacht, it needs to be at least 30 feet to do so comfortably. Depending on your needs and requirements, you’ll want to be certain of a few things:

  • How many people will live onboard? If you are planning to live solo onboard or with a partner, you can likely get by on a 30–35-foot yacht and create a comfortable living space. However, a family of five will need to go up in size quite considerably to a mini family yacht, in order to ensure everyone can sleep comfortably onboard, with enough space to make corners your own and not be on top of one another.
  • Where do you want to go with your mini yacht? If you want to make ocean crossings or head into uncharted waters, you’ll likely want a larger mini yacht to spend weeks at sea comfortably and safely.
  • Will you have a captain or crew? This will also cause your yacht requirements to go up in size so that your crew has spacious and comfortable living quarters as well.

How Many Miles Can a Mini Yacht Travel?

The distance a mini yacht can travel will depend on a few things:

  • the size of the yacht,
  • the size of the engine,
  • The amount of fuel onboard.

This all determines the range a yacht has and how far it can go before needing to refuel. For example, a 35-foot yacht can travel around 200 miles in eight hours when it’s traveling at 25 knots. However, if you have space to store extra fuel onboard, you can continue to refuel on the go and stretch that range into weeks if you so desire. A sailing yacht can provide an added boost thanks to using a mix of wind and motor power.

Can mini yachts cross the Atlantic?

Mini yachts can certainly cross the Atlantic if they are adequately prepared to do so. As the transatlantic journey can take anywhere from 10 days to three weeks, ideally you will take a mini yacht on the larger size of the spectrum to ensure it’s comfortable and spacious enough to spend extended time onboard. Having enough storage space for extra fuel, food and provisions will ensure you are covered should your journey be extended unexpectedly.

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