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Flybridge boats are characterized by their raised pilothouse above the main deck with a covered area for the captain or driver to navigate and steer from, in any type of weather. Flybridges free up deck space for more social and sunbathing areas. Search flybridges in all sizes and styles here.

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What is a Flybridge Boat?

Flybridge boats are classified by the “fly” on the top of their boat which acts as a covering. This covering sits above the helm station and is situated atop the main deck. This is a very popular model for both superyachts, flybridge sportfish boats and sportfish yachts.

What are the Advantages of Choosing a Flybridge Boat?

A flybridge boat provides excellent views in all types of weather, and in every direction. This makes it a very popular model for both the captain or driver, and guests that would like to enjoy the views from atop the boat, without having to worry about inclement weather. Parking is a breeze with a flybridge boat due to the extra windows and high seats to see any and all obstructions.

What Sizes of Flybridge Boats are Available?

Flybridge boats come in a range of sizes. From small flybridge boats of 30ft, to flybridge yachts into the 150ft range.

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How Much Does a Flybridge Boat Cost?

Flybridge boats for sale are available in a wide range of budgets. A few factors can impact the overall cost of your flybridge boat:

  • Size – Are you looking at flybridge boats or larger, flybridge yachts for sale?
  • Condition – Is it a used flybridge boat for sale? Or are you looking for a brand-new model?
  • Age – If looking at used flybridge boats, the older models will usually cost less than newer models.

As an example, YATCO currently has flybridge boats for sale at the lower end of $60,000, with flybridge superyachts listed at closer to $20 million.

What are the Best Flybridge Boats?

There are plenty of flybridge boat builders to choose from when looking to purchase your next boat:

Are There any Benefits to Choosing a New Flybridge Boat Over a Used One, and Vice Versa?

Usually making the decision to purchase a new or used boat will come down to budget. Your money will always stretch further on a used flybridge boat than a new flybridge boat (of equal size and features). So, you’ll want to ask yourself a few questions when purchasing your next flybridge boat:

  • Is your dream flybridge boat already on the brokerage market?
  • Do you want to customize anything? In which case, a new model might be a better fit.
  • Even with a healthy budget, the new build route will take extra time, and usually more decisions to be made by you, the new owner.
  • Whereas with a used boat, you can purchase the boat immediately and be out on your flybridge boat within a matter of days (depending on where you are picking it up).