Next Generation of Yachting – Part 5: Hannah Wolstenholme of Edmiston

The next generation of yachting is fresh, and has a lot to offer. Read more about Hannah Wolstenholme, Broker of Edmiston, here.

The next generation of yachting is up and coming and has a lot to offer. Looking to the future of the yachting, YATCO interviews several fresh faces of yachting to discover what they have to offer the industry and what they predict for the future of yachting. See below on what Hannah Wolstenholme, Sales and Charter broker at Edmiston has to say.

Welcoming Hannah Wolstenholme, Sales and Charter Broker of Edmiston

Tell us about how you got your start in yachting. 

“I discovered yachting at the tender age of 19! A friend of mine was a Captain on a large Benetti in the South of France and he helped me find a summer job as a stewardess. I was instantly hooked and joined Edmiston at 21 as an assistant to a top sales broker.

As a professional in yachting, what trends have you seen and what do you predict for the coming years?

Sustainability is a hot topic in any industry. Right now, the technology is there for the larger end of the market, but I predict we will make big progress in the 150’-250’ range over the coming decade.

What kinds of challenges have you been up against in yachting and how do you overcome them?

The greatest challenge we face at this present moment in time is inventory. That is why working for a top brokerage like Edmiston is essential to my success. I have access to off market opportunities from within our large international network which is of huge benefit to my clients.

Please tell us about some of your most memorable and successful moments, professionally. 

There is nothing more memorable than your first sale or first charter. Earlier on in my career I was focused on bigger and higher numbers. Nowadays I realize that true success comes from customer satisfaction and that is my sole focus today.

What do you aspire to for the future?

“I am excited to open our Miami office and bring the Edmiston edge to South Florida. With 2 new members of the team joining us over the coming months and some great new additions to our charter and sales fleet there’s a lot to look forward to.”

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