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Sailboats are single hulled vessels that come in a variety of types, that are mainly powered by sails but can also be supplemented by engine power.


Luxury Sailing Yacht Charter in Croatia Guide 2023

Croatia continues to grow as a popular yacht charter destination and with more and more yachts flocking to the coastline every year. An excellent option for those looking to explore the many islands and deep historical roots of this part of the Adriatic Sea is via a sailing yacht charter in Croatia. Read on for […]

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Annapolis Powerboat and Sailboat Shows 2023 Preview

The Annapolis Powerboat Show and Annapolis Sailboat Shows will be returning to Annapolis, Maryland on October 5 – 8 and October 12 – 15 respectively.   Annapolis Powerboat Show  As one of the oldest in-water boat shows, the Annapolis Powerboat Show has a number of activities and powerboats to see and step onboard for the duration […]

Sailing Boat vs Yacht Guide 2023

Are you considering the world of boating? If so, you may find yourself pondering the differences between sailing boats and yachts. This guide will explore the distinctions between these two vessel types, helping you to decide on your next adventure on the water. Whether you’re interested in sailboats or yachts, we’ve got you covered. Read […]

Sailboat Buying Guide 2023

A sailboat refers to sailing vessels 78 feet and below (unlike sailing yachts that are 79ft and above). Sailboats are for boating enthusiasts who enjoy playing a bit more of an active role in navigating their boat as they trim sails and glide across the water. If you’re curious about sailboats, read on for more […]

Schooner Buying Guide 2023

There are a number of different sailing yachts and vessels on the water today. In this article, we will be exploring the qualities of a schooner. A schooner for sale is a boat with two or more masts, with the after masts being taller than the foremast. Image Credit: COLUMBIA 2014 141′ 2″ EASTERN SHIPBUILDING […]

Sailing Yacht Buying Guide 2023

A sailing yacht is a beautiful vessel that allow you to harness the power of the wind and feel an instant connection to the water around you. Today, sailing yachts boast incredible luxury amenities and technology. From Ketches to Sloops, browse the YATCO sailing yacht guide to discover which boat type is right for you. […]

Insight into X-Yachts’ First Rechargeable Sailing Yacht

Danish shipyard X-Yachts has released new details on the 15m (49ft) X4⁹E. An evolution of the shipyard’s X49 model, the ‘E’ yacht will not be powered by traditional diesel engines rather two 10kW electric ones. There will also be a 28.8 kWh lithium battery bank and an onboard DC generator with a capacity of 11 […]

Top Five Small Yachts for Sale in California

Both small and large yachts dominate our seas all over the world; today, we take a deeper look at some of the small floating phenomena located in the state of California. Let’s take a look at what we have on small yachts for sale in California on Robust and Comfortable, Small Yachts in California […]

Beneteau OCEANIS 40.1 Sailboat – Boat Review

The Beneteau OCEANIS 40.1 is a sailboat with zero concessions to performance. The cruiser offers unrivaled deck volume, interior space and is available in different layouts, drafts and rig options. Beneteau OCEANIS 40.1 Sailboat Highlights 12 Metres of Space Following in the wake of her elder sister the Oceanis 51.1, this over 42 foot Beneteau […]

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