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Nor-tech boats was founded in 1989 in Cape Coral, Florida by Nils Johnsen and Trond Schou – two men who emigrated from Norway after having built over a dozen boats together. The company builds its high-performance outboard center console boats, day boats, and sportfishing boats over four locations with more than 100,000 square feet of manufacturing space. Search for Nor-tech boats for sale by length, price, year, and more.

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Company History

After building more than a dozen boats together in Norway, Nils Johnsen and Trond Schou emigrated to the U.S. and founded Nor-Tech in 1989 in Cape Coral, Florida.

Now, with more than 100,000 square feet of manufacturing space in four locations, Nor-Tech’s reputation for building custom, high-performance outboard center consoles, day yachts and sportfishing boats has transformed it into one of the fastest-growing boat-building companies in America.

Ranging in length from 34 to 56 feet, Nor-Tech boats, famous for their speed, slick design and customization options – including every hull hue imaginable – always pass their sea trials with flying colors. In fact, Nor-Tech boats are so reliable, tough and fast, the U.S. Government uses the Nor-Tech 43 as customs patrol boats.

Over the decades, Nor-Tech has created approximately 30 models and built and sold thousands of them. Advances in technology and engineering and changes in customer requests drive the development of new models and the retiring of older ones. Even though these Nor-Tech models – 427, 320 MC Vee, 344 GT, 527, 298 Sport, 390 Sport, 390 CC, 5000, 390 Sport Open, 4300, 437, 4300 Cuddy and 5000 Cuddy – are no longer in production, they’re still out there racing the waves.

The current lines in production are the Center Consoles 340 Sport, 390 Sport, 450 Sport and 550/560 Sport (34 to 56 feet); Day Yachts 360 MC Flyer and 420 Monte Carlo (36 to 42 feet); and Superfish 392 and 452 (39 to 45 feet).

The Nor-Tech Niche

When Johnsen and Schou moved to the States in the late ‘80s, they brought the handcrafted molds from the v-bottom boats they built in Norway with them. Their vision was to build the kind of boats they dreamed about: fast, stylish yet sporty, upscale and made to order.

They already had the boat-building experience, and their skills and talent meshed. Johnsen was a master designer and Schou was a wiz at sales and marketing. And, since no other builders, custom or production, were building go-fast, multipurpose, luxurious boats in their target range, it was as if they had the market to themselves.

The two set to work, creating a nautical juggernaut in just a few years. The company grew from one location to four, performing all the design, engineering, laminating, carpentry, upholstery and painting in-house. In 2018 alone, their orders topped $17 million. They went from being Nor-Techs only employees to a crew of more than 155 in 2019. Thirty-plus years later, the two friends are still producing winners and managing the shipyards.

What to expect from a Nor-Tech

No matter which Nor-Tech boat model you choose, there are several things – besides speed you can count on:

  • Customization from top to bottom
  • Dry rides at any speed
  • High-performance, fuel-efficient Mercury motors
  • Innovative design
  • Low-to-no vibration
  • Mega yacht amenities
  • Quality construction
  • Robust GRP hulls
  • Smart space plans, ample storage
  • Top-of-the-line electronics, audio systems and lighting
  • Uncompromising attention to detail

Highlights from Nor-Tech’s Three Lines

Center Consoles

340 Sport (Length 34 feet, Beam 10 feet, Fuel capacity 250 gal.)

Nor-Tech’s 340 Sport is ideal for fishing, diving, family outings, entertaining or as a tender for superyachts. Built-in steps midship make boarding and disembarking easy. Luxurious forward and aft seating and sun lounges provide plenty of space to relax. Twin or triple Mercury motors get you where you want to go F-A-S-T.

390 Sport (Length 39 feet, Beam 10 feet, Fuel capacity 285 gal.)

The Nor-Tech 390 Sport offers everything the 340 Sport does with a little more oomph. Triple or quad Mercury motors go faster, while still delivering the same smooth, dry ride – even in rough conditions. Because Nor-tech only partners with industry giants such as Garmin, JL Audio, Lumishore, the 390 Sport has jumbo navigation screens, top-rated marine stereo systems and underwater lighting. Imagine combining one of Nor-Tech’s thousands of hull-side paint colors with Lumishore LED underwater lighting.

450 Sport (Length 45 feet, Beam 12 feet, Fuel capacity 460 gal.)

Go farther, stay longer. An enclosed head, full shower and cabin make this an excellent boat for overnighters. While the style of Nor-Tech’s 450 Sport is on the sporty side, everything else, from the wet bar and entertainment center to the hand-stitched fabrics and helm A/C, is aimed at comfort and ease.

550/560 Sport (Length 56 feet, Beam 12 feet, Fuel capacity 600 gal.)

The Nor-Tech 550/560 Sport models match the 450 Sport in amenities, performance and fuel efficiency. The extra 11 feet make room for a second cabin and more of everything else, including lounging areas, storage and fish boxes. As with every Nor-Tech boat, customization is king, which means the Nor-Tech 550 or 560 Sport you find for sale may have outboard or inboard motors.

Day Yachts

360 MC (Monte Carlo) Flyer (Length 36 feet, Beam 10 feet, Fuel capacity 230 gal.)

Triple Mercury motors give the 360 MC industry-leading speed. Other features include a covered foredeck, an expansive, open cockpit and a tinted wraparound windshield. Easy to maneuver, with frictionless acceleration, the 360 MC Flyer is a thrill to pilot.

420 Monte Carlo (Length 42 feet, Beam 10 feet, Fuel capacity 310 gal.)

If you’re in a rush to relax, Nor-Tech’s 420 Monte Carlo is the day boat for you. Twin Mercury inboard engines deliver triple-digit speeds to zip you to your destination. Twin-padded sun lounges, a large swim platform, an L-shaped lounge and a berth just inches short of king-size help you unwind.


Superfish 392 (Length 39 feet, Beam 10 feet, Fuel capacity 465 gal.)

The custom-built Nor-Tech 392 Superfish is every anglers’ dream boat. Easy handling and speed from triple or quad Mercury motors are your secret weapons in tournaments, and there’s plenty of storage for bait and tackle along with a built-in cleaning station for all the fish you reel in. Plush interiors, cutting-edge electronics and pilot and co-pilot seats that rival the safety and comfort of a race car turn every fishing excursion into a luxury cruise.

Superfish 452 (Length 45 feet, Beam 12 feet, Fuel capacity 800 gal.)

If you live to fish and put performance first, the center console Nor-Tech 452 is the boat for you. Eight hundred gallons of fuel open up new horizons. Amenities like rod holders from stem to stern, two 60-gallon live wells, a folding fishing tower and Garmin electronics that let you spend less time finding fish and more time catching them turn days at sea into pure pleasure. Once the fishing’s done, turn on the premium sound system and chill out below deck.

Shipyard Stats

  • Founded: 1989, Cape Coral, Florida
  • Founders: Nils Johnsen and Trond Schou
  • Type: Custom, high-performance, luxury fishing, racing, cruising boats and yachts, 34 to 56 feet
  • Models: Center Consoles 340 Sport, 390 Sport, 450 Sport, 550/560 Sport, 34 to 56 feet; Day Yachts 360 MC Flyer, 420 Monte Carlo,
  • 36 to 42 feet; Superfish 392, 452, 39 to 45 feet
  • Construction: Deep-v, composite fiberglass and Kevlar hull

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